Boost Your Home’s Value


The Cheapest Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

For homeowners in many cities, the real estate business is far way behind us. Many people have to squeeze every last coin out of their asset when it is time to sell homes. Renovations such as remodeling the bathroom or refashioning the kitchen are quite expensive.

They increase your home’s value but might not bring the best return for your money. Besides, some unnecessary improvements like hot tubs and swimming pools might actually distract you from your home’s real value.

That aside, there are several simple and non-costly ways you can add your home’s value while reselling. This will also reduce the amount of time it takes to attract a buyer.

Improve Your Kitchen

The first thing most buyers look at above everything else is the kitchen. However, remodeling your kitchen can be a bit expensive. You can change a few things rather than a complete overhaul. If you have ugly cabinets, just repaint them. Install new hardware or add new surfaces. That will cost less unlike doing a full replacement.

Deep Clean

A home can never be too clean especially when selling. You can hire a professional cleaning service or use your own elbow grease for the best deep cleaning. Be sure to tackle the rarely cleaned areas apart from the regular cleaning chores of dusting, mopping and vacuuming. These include: cabinets, doorknobs, vents, baseboards and blinds. Also, wash the walls and windows, replace any broken windows and screens and steam-clean the carpets.

Improve Your Deck

As much as most homeowners tend to ignore it, decks can significantly improve the value of your home. It is, therefore, a good idea to make basic improvements on it. If you don’t have one, you can click here and find professional deck builders that can build one for you.

Improve Your Deck

Lighten And Brighten

Install new light switch and outlet covers to upgrade your space. This is because they tend to age a house. Dimmer switches are recommended but make sure your current electrical wiring can handle it first. However, always turn off the main electrical power to the room before doing any work on a switch or outlet.

Paint Panache

However much you love your red, green and yellow walls, chances are that a potential buyer will not like them. Put on a fresh coat of a  neutral color such as sand, putty or white. Use a semi-gloss paint to brighten up the walls. And eggshell finish can be used to hide small imperfections such as small player cracks or drywall dents.

Pruning and Potting

A well maintained house has good landscaping. That is how buyers see it. Although, new plants, sod and shrubs can really improve it. Put your effort on pruning the trees and shrubs you already have. Also, clear away any patches of unsightly overgrowth. You can group potted plants around the entrance to add attractive color which will cost less than hiring a landscaper to redo your entire land.

Try Power Washing

Power washing can transform an exterior from being boring to being beautiful in an instant. It can increase the overall curb appearance of your house. Henceforth, use a power washer on your homes exterior like driveways, sideways and decks. You can rent a powerful unit from a local hardware store or hire a power washing firm if you don’t own one.

Check For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are attractive therefore desirable to many buyers. They are often hiding right below your wall-to-wall carpeting. Pull up a tiny corner of the carpeting where it cannot be seen and check the condition of the floor. If there is hardwood below, you can remove it and restore the original floors. This is much cheaper than replacing the carpeting or installing new floors.

Replace The Doors

This is to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. Replace screen doors, entry and garage doors. Upgrade the hardware if you cannot afford to replace the whole door. Even the tiniest change can improve your doors and make them look new. If they are in good shape, give them a good power washing or a nice coating to freshen them.

Besides, if your appliances look dented, tired or probably don’t match, you can order new doors to make them look clean and cohesive again.

Add A Closet

The cost difference between a 4-bedroom and a 3-bedroom is huge. A dentist or an office with a closet can be considered a bedroom. You will only invest $1,500 or less and most likely you will gain a lot more than your asking price.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are a major turn-off for many buyers. There is nothing that screams “mid-twentieth century” or “a lot of cracks in here” than popcorn ceilings. Removing them is easy but can be a messy process. Test a sample to ensure it does not have asbestos, which need a qualified professional contractor.


There are several ways you can increase the value of your home. This article has pointed out some of the most affordable and cost-effective ones.

Last modified: April 5, 2021