Some experts say that we are living one of the best moments in cinema history, others that we are in a big hole in terms of what Hollywood and the main streaming services can offer, but the fact is that there´s never been such an amount of visual entertainment out there. And even when some of the most pessimistic critics think it´s all garbage, in reality there are so many new shows out there, that sometimes even the most demanding viewers end up with a smile on their faces, or contemplating the emptiness touched by what they have just watched.

In some other cases, there´s some clever design in what some streaming services bring to the table, like for example Netflix that could overturn those harsh months of the second half of 2022, when they´ve lost a great deal of their market value. In fact, they are getting stronger by the minute, getting some great new shows that are in everybody´s mouth, or just calling back to some great classics like The Office, US version.

There are other new additions that came to the audience back in 2022, like the realistic thriller “Dahmer”, inspired in the crimes committed by the real life serial killer Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. The show received great critics and was amongst those that brought some air to the streaming platform, since it´s been nominated for multiple awards, including multiple Golden Globe awards, with Evan Peters winning the Best Actor award in the Limited Series, Anthology Series or Television Motion Picture.

They´ve also launched Wednesday, a standalone series based on the Wednesday Adams character of The Addams Family. It was received with some skepticism by a lot of critics, who condemned the TV show even before it was launched. But as 2022 was closing, the overwhelming references and great acceptance of the show amongst the audience, made this show another of those keystones of Netflix´s comeback.

In the same reasoning of bringing back TV shows from the past, in 2023 Netflix fans will be able to enjoy “That 90´s Show”, without a doubt one of the best comedies in the World, ideal for those fans of great humor and a spice of real life that will surely bring back great memories. As a great sequel to “That 70´s Show” this impressive show will surely call for more than one nostalgic, with a traction as great as The Office has.

What´s in store in Netflix for 2023?

There are some interesting shows that will surely caught your eye in the coming months of this new year, for example the robber thriller and comedy, something like Ocean´s Eleven but without the music licensing, also known as “Kaleidoscope”, with a great cast and an interesting story win the same note as George Clooney´s movies, a lot of suspense and “double crossing” to reach the objective, generating some laughs in the process.

But for those looking for something more profound and trying to solve the “cliffhanger” left in season 1, Ginny & Georgia Season 2 will surely be for you, following the lives of a mother and daughter in their quest to solve the mysterious death of Georgia´s husband. Many main characters, as well as some of those left in the shadows make a mysterious returns to this show that sometimes is a romantic comedy, but it also turns into quite an intriguing thriller.

There´s also a classic that has already 10 seasons, and goes for the 11th on 2023, it´s without unquestionably the best zombie TV show there is. The Walking Dead is another of those “battle horses” Netflix will try to use to get out of financial trouble, particularly when it´s one of the most anticipated show by millions of fanatics that found their zombie thriller apocalypse series, which rather than shrinking in what they offer, they keep adding new lines to this impressive and captivating story.

Intriguing stories, more to watch

There are also some Netflix originals that will surely mark 2023 as one of the best years for the online platform, giving their fans some of the best shows they could watch all year long. For example, the story of a Brazilian talented hacker, airing its first season in 2023, called Lady Voyeur, promises a lot of action, but also inside knowledge of one of the most intriguing underworld of experts in cybernetic crime.

For those fans of documentaries and real stories, there are some crime series coming to the streaming service, like the one telling the story of Bernie Madoff, one of the most notorious criminals in Wall Street history. Called MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street, the first season of the series cover some of the most controversial aspects of his life, but also how he became who he was, corrupting a wide range of people in his limitless ascent to a life of riches, but not particularly “earned”.

But not everything is true crime or mystery, there is also room for some comedy in 2023´s launches, like for example the Australian comedy “Wellmania”, telling the story of Liv, a young and fast paced living woman, who finds herself rethinking her life after some health issues.


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