Sassy Plus Size Women


Styling Tips For Sassy Plus Size Women

Are you a full-figured woman who’s finally deciding to leave her inner-critic behind and be a little bold with her wardrobe choices? Well, it’s about time!

Nothing makes a woman more attractive than the confidence that she wears. After all, the human body is imperfect and never was meant to fit an impossible standard of perfection. So covering your curves with layers of unfaltering clothing is just ludicrous. If you’ve been bestowed with bounteous curves and flesh, flaunt it because magic lives in curves, not angles.

Unfortunately, being able to dress like a voluptuous diva is a skill not everyone can master. Luckily, plus-size women have plenty of options when it comes to embracing their true selves. From comfortable crop tops and bottoms to flattering dresses, you can easily find a garment that best complements your beauty.

So if you’re a curvy woman looking for a spring in her step, we’ve rounded up a few style tips. Before you start reading, know that this isn’t a “wear this, wear that” kind of post, but it’s full of advice on how to find clothes that make you look, and most importantly feel, good. So read on to get a taste of our style tips.

Plus Size Women

1. Ditch baggy clothing

They say baggy clothes hide unattractive curves. But why hide when you have every reason to show? So break the mold because baggy clothing will do nothing but make you look larger, and that’s not how we want you to look. Besides, bulky layers are so last millennium!

Instead, showcase your shape in garments that accentuate your curves but aren’t too clingy. You can choose from a variety of plus size casual dresses to look gorgeous. You can even select fabrics with the right amount of stretch to give a sexy and smooth look without looking too snug.

Along with being beautiful the way you are, practice moderation, have more volume – no overstated cuts – and go with something more fitted rather than baggy. Additionally, volume on either the bottom or top is okay, as long as it’s not all over you because a head-to-toe wafting look doesn’t arouse anyone.

2. Use colors sensibly 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that colors are a herculean tool that can dramatically highlight your figure but can also produce a catastrophic effect when misused. Bright or light colors have a visually appealing result, while dark colors do the opposite – make the most out of these differences.

If you are pear-shaped, pair dark-colored bottoms with light-colored tops, and if you have a larger bust, do the opposite. It’s that simple.

On the other hand, if you have an hourglass shape or are relatively straight from top to bottom, a monochromatic outfit can have a slimming effect on your body. And it does not necessarily have to be in dark colors. Maroon and plum are enthralling choices!

3. Invest in good underwear 

Before we dive into the details, we want our readers to know that this tip isn’t just for plus-size women. Every woman should own great-fitting undergarments as they are the best way to ensure your clothes fit you well. Therefore, ensure you wear the right-sized bra by getting measured. Also, avoid oversized knickers like the plague.

Instead, invest in well-supportive, flattering underwear and see how much of a difference it makes in making you look bold and beautiful. Also, remember to wear a nude bra under light or sheer colors to avoid triangle bra strap – because yes, they look ugly. Nude bras are available in numerous different shades to blend with your skin tone, so give them a try!

4. Fabric is key

Flimsy, clingy fabric will hug your curves in all the wrong places. The materials that will sweet-talk your silhouette don’t necessarily have to be bushy. Still, you might want to stick to structured stuff to conceal rolls you don’t want others to see.

Whatever color or pattern you decide to wear, ensure that clothing isn’t too tight, as this will cause the print to appear warped. Instead, opt for fabrics that drape over your body elegantly while emphasizing the curvy parts of your body.

In terms of stripes, do the same. The placement of the prints can determine whether they look smashing or terrible on you – for instance, an overdone bloom over E-cups will draw eyes to the vastness of the bust area. Additionally, if horizontal stripes don’t feel nice touching your waistline, try diagonal lines because they tend to elongate the figure.

5. Go nuts with accessories!

For plus-size women, accessories play an enormous role in completing outfits and making you look glamorous. Even if it’s a belt or a necklace, accessories can take your glam from “okay” to “hot-damn!” Furthermore, sunglasses, hats, trendy bags, shoes, and hats are essential items to own and wear if you want jaws to drop.

6. Don’t shy away from lingerie

Say it with us: I AM WORTHY OF LINGERIE! Feels good – doesn’t it?

Now imagine how awesome and confident you will look if you wear lingerie. Just because you are oversized doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear lace. After all, hotness comes in all shapes and sizes. So stop wearing baggy tee-shirts and start sliding into bed with some nice-looking lingerie.

7. Make tailoring your best friend

Here’s a thought: never underestimate the benefits that come from good tailoring. A significant problem with some plus-size garments is that they can sometimes be a bit shapeless – been there, right? But thankfully, you can have your jackets, jeans, and dresses nipped in the right shape and size for less than 20$. As a result, you’ll have beautifully fitted clothes that make you feel confident and happy in your skin.

8. Lastly, love yourself

Self-love is mandatory because when you love yourself, you shine bright like a diamond. Everything starts with how you feel about your body. Hence, couple this with all the other plus-size fashion tips we’ve mentioned.

And yes, trendy clothes and fashionable accessories can make you look like a goddess. Still, self-love is something that can change the game. So keep reminding yourself that your body is unique, beautiful, and something you’re proud of. Take care of your body, wear the type of clothing that highlights your silhouette, and rock your body!


As you can see, there is no weight limit on beauty, and you are allowed to feel sexy, confident, and beautiful in the body you were born with. Just remember to flaunt your curves with all the tips we’ve listed above. Don’t give a rat’s ass about what society thinks because self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time. So wear whatever you want and stand out as a rebellion in this world of sizes.

Last modified: June 17, 2021