Most fans of the Steven Universe Season are in suspense since the release and conclusion of season 5. They don’t know where there shall be season 6 or not. To date, there have been no clarifications on any updates of season 6.

The question at hand is, is the 6th season renewed or canceled?

Steven Universe Season is an American series with lovely animations airing at the cartoon network. It was created by Rebecca Sugar, with its pilot being on 21st May 2013. Since then, it has aired five lovely episodes, with the fifth one being the climax of all the episodes.

Is season 5 the final?

The question has lingered on many fans of the show without getting any concrete answer. Its presentation and events convince the fans that it is the final season. The last episode branded as ‘change your mind’ was a conclusion of the season and the final episodes.

It ended the fifth season and marked the final of the show.

After that, there hasn’t been any communication with regards to the final’s episodes of season 5. No announcement about season 6 has also been featured. Moreover, there is no affirmation or denial if season 5 marked the end of the show.

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date

Is Steven Universe Season 6 canceled?

Rumors have it that the season was canceled. However, there is no clarification if the show was canceled or not from the developer. Yet, the cartoon community has no plans for the next season. Communication from the cartoon community confirmed that the tv series had been canceled.

Therefore, at the moment, the five seasons of the Steven Universe will be the last. As of 6th October 2020, there are no plans of resuming with the tv series. However, in case of any updates about it, there shall be an exposition.

Is Steven Universe Season 6 renewed?

Sources such as the IDMB indicate that the show tv show was canceled and not renewed. It, however, may be in preparation for the next release after getting either renewed. Rebecca Sugar on Steven Universe said that she has more time with her crew, especially on the personalities.

This means that they could be preparing a film. You will also realize that the possibilities of having a new movie or episode 6 are medium.

The film’s idea was approved by the Cartoon Network, although she wanted the series to continue. Fans should expect a new movie altogether with recent seasons. She also says that there shall be an entirely new approach to the next film.

Steven Universe is, therefore, under a growing transition. In 2021 to mid-2022, we should expect a new release of the next season or a new film underway.

Steven Universe season 6 cast

Steven Universe Season 6 will follow the same cast as the other seasons in case it is announced. Therefore, all the participants are not limited to Lars Barriga, Peridot, Greg Universe, Connie, Amethyst, and Pearl will be back to the show with the same representation.

It is expected that most of the participants will be back and will the same roles.

Steven Universe Season 6 trailer 

If you are still blank about the show, it is available on Hulu. You can therefore watch the trailer at your comfort and pace on the website. However, the 6th episode is missing, but you can get more information about it on the site.

Steven Universe Season 6 storyline 

the show is based on the assumption that the world is protected by Crystal Gems found in a group. They are protected by another group sworn to protect the earth. The Great Diamond Authority protects the Home world Gems, and the world is saved from them.

The participants include Garmet, Stephen, Amethyst, and Pearl, who are the Crystal Games. Other Subordinates who work with them include, Lapis, Connie, Bismuth, and Peridot. There is an episode where Stephen Connie and some other members attempt to change themselves and their perception, driven by the Diamond Group.

The future of Steven Universe

After the transition from Steven Universe, there is a new animation by Steven Universe’s future, which is a composition of Rebecca Sugar’s content. It takes over from the previous series that took two years to prepare.

It aired its series of seasons and episodes that ended on 27th March 2020. The several episodes are lovely and acquired high ratings. There shall be more compilations by Rebecca Sugar to add more to her Steven Universe Series.


Steven Universe Season 6, unfortunately, may or may not be released. Following its cancellation and the makers’ shift of attention, the chances of having it again are minimal. However, more exciting films by the same writer are emerging.

Therefore, there are many upcoming series Steven Universe that will take over the market because of its fans.


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