Every year we witness a change in the fashion and preferences of men and women regarding apparel or some other. But there is one thing that remains unchanged and persisting. It is love for footwear. There are many big footwear brands that you have been referring since childhood. Some of the popular names to mention are Adidas, Puma, Sketchers, GEOX, Nike, and Grendene. 

If you are bored of wearing those same old shoes in your college or office, then time to replace them with the new trendy sneakers on Sneakerchart. Here you will get variety of footwear to choose among. Many people from the U.K or U.S, are very curious to experience the variety of footwear collection from Sneakerchart. But before that they are interested in knowing about the website. So join me in this article and find out whether it is reliable or is fraud. 

Sneakerchart.com: Let us know about it

If you are an avid collector of branded shoes, then regarding what your taste is, you need to explore the variety of footwear at Sneakerchart.com. It is an online wholesaler store dealing in variety of sneaker collection in unbelievable prices. Shift your choice from the usual website for buying shoes, and flock on to Sneakerchart.com to explore the wide variety of sneaker collection ranging from all choices. Whether you want it for your daily morning running routine, party wear, sports, or official, Sneakerchart.com has it all covered for you. 


Brief facts about Sneakerchart

Now it has been seen that people sometimes fall prey to fake guarantee or claims by the websites that are fake and doubtful. Sneakerchart is also under suspicion. But before we discuss it further, let us have some brief facts about the website. Well there is a provision of particular checklist, wherein, the decision can be taken on what can be purchased from this website. 

Other than this, there is another facility that lets you be your boss. It is drop shipping. It is all possible with doing selection of what item you want to sell or contacting the sales team. The supply of Sneakerchart is sent to boutiques and wholesale around the world including the U.S and U.K. 

  • There is no mention of its physical address. 
  • In case you are not satisfied with the quality of product, then there is a provision of replacement that would take place within 3 days of the date when the item is shipped. 
  • You will get your refund within 3 days. 
  • There are no reviews on products of Sneakerchart. 
  • The delivery of the product will take around seven to thirty business days. It is based on the methods of shipping. 
  • Customers are supposed to pay the charges for placing order as well as for returning.
  • What appears doubtful is Sneakerchart does not have any social media channels. 
  • The website do have a Live chat contact number which is + 1765-351-1171.
  • Coming on to payment options, then Sneakerchart accepts usual payment methods like credit cards, and also Moneygram, wire transfers (bank to bank), and western union. 

3 main advantage of Sneakerchart

  • Sneakerchart website is acquainted with HTTPS secure link
  • It has collection of different shoe sizes, number of deals, plus discounts. 
  • Availability of order tracking through email id. 

2 major disadvantages of Sneakerchart

  • Links of social media channels are not proper
  • No reviews on internet

Is this website legit, if not how?

Now back to the query on whether Sneakerchart is legit or not. To be frank, it is not. And there are given below reasons that raises doubt over its credibility. 

  • First of all, a lot of details are not there including of owner and address
  • The registration of the website has been done last year on 4th June and it shows the end date of current year, same date
  • In the registration, it is named as Sneakerchart.com
  • Xin Net Technology Corporation is shown as the registrar
  • There is availability of only icons, no social media links
  • The information of the website owner is not known
  • Content of the website is lot much copied
  • Sneakerchart scores very low at trust with only 0.8%
  • Being a new entrant, it is far away from popularity
  • There are no reviews of its products

Website without reviews and social media links

It is not only clothes that define the personality of a person, shoes also play a role in it. The kind of footwear a person wears shows his approach towards life. In coming to choice, you will find many people who are so inquisitive in adding collection of new shoes to their shoe rack. 

They even get inspired by what others are wearing. Shoes come in different colors and designs according to choice of every buyer. If you go at top shoe brands websites, then you will find reviews of the customers. But in case of Sneakerchart, you won’t find any single review by the customer on the official website. Being just 11 months old is not the excuse. Neither there are any reviews of the products on the internet. 

In today’s scenario, where social media is considered very important for the wider promotion of a particular entity, it is absent in the case of Sneakerchart. You won’t find any external sources of popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for product description. You are surely at risk of becoming prey to scammers anywhere, anytime, unexpectedly. 

Now with such loopholes in the case of Sneakerchart, how can a person put a blind trust on it, leave the purchasing, it is too far. Hence, it is an indication that one must be careful of online sites, no matter what exclusive offers they come up with to attract new customers and cheat them in either way. Checking the authenticity of the website comes with customer reviews, proper information about the owner, team, foundation, services, plus social media links. If you see all these elements absent, then it is red alert for you that the site is fake.


So these are the lot much evidence that shows that Sneakerchart is not at all legit. As you can see there are no information about its owner, address, no social media links, no reviewing of its products by the customers. Plus, being a new entrant, it is yet to achieve mainstream popularity. The more importantly, is the low score at trust with just 0.8%.



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