Your bedroom is a VIP corner of the house reserved just for you. It’s where you can escape the rest of the world, dance to your favourite tunes, spend the whole day watching Netflix without anyone judging you, and of course, catch some sweet Zs. However, the fact that your bedroom is a private room, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look polished. After all, you spend around one-third of your life in it.

If you feel like your bedroom has lost some of its magic over the years, maybe it’s time for a change. Buying new bedroom furniture is one of life’s greatest joys! Well, I may be getting ahead of myself with this statement, but once you enter the vast world of gorgeous beds, side tables, ottomans and armchairs, it can certainly feel like it.

Before you splurge on the latest designer king-sized bed or dresser and deplete all your savings, there’re some not so fun yet important factors you’ll need to consider. If you’re asking yourself “How do I choose furniture for my bedroom that’s both functional and stylish?”, your answers await down below.


Everyone wants a king-size bed, but not everyone has enough room for it. You’ll need to be realistic about the space you’re working with, no matter how beautiful those giant cradles of peace may look. Buying bulky pieces of furniture for a small bedroom is a one-way street to cram town.

So, before going on the search for bedroom furniture Australia wide, whip out your measuring tape and take measurements of your bedroom. Use the dimensions as a starting point when choosing furniture to avoid any “can’t open the door, bed too big” scenarios.

Smart Shopper

When it comes to your bed, it’s best to buy it first and then incorporate everything else around it. This way, you’ll be better able to size up without overstuffing your room with furniture. If you absolutely love to roll around in a king-size bed and have enough room, go for it, but keep other pieces of furniture on the smaller side.

Go for compact dressers and side tables in slimline designs to maximise the free space in your bedroom so it can visually breathe. If you need an extra seating spot, but you don’t have enough space for an armchair, you can buy a versatile pouf that has the power to transform any room and can be easily moved around for maximum convenience


The next thing to consider is the layout of the elements.

This is extremely important if you want to achieve the bedroom of your dreams you can follow 10 Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom.

Think about where you’d like to place the new furniture pieces and use that as a guide. For instance, that dresser you like so much may physically fit in your bedroom, but if you plan to place it under the windows, it may not look as good as you imagined.

Also, make sure that nothing gets in the way and makes the room hard to navigate. For instance, you don’t want a side table or an ottoman at a spot where you can knock it over on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. To get inspired on the best bedroom layouts, you can visit some of the showrooms for bedroom furniture online or let good ol’ Pinterest work its magic.


There’re some cases when a certain piece of furniture looks great and yet it doesn’t work for your space. This can be a substantial piece of furniture that offers great storage space yet doesn’t let you manoeuvre around your bedroom. Your bedroom’s functionality should be on top of your list when choosing bedroom furniture.


If you need plenty of room to keep your linen, clothes and other belongings, but don’t have enough space for storage units, you can look for bedroom furniture that incorporates hidden storage. There’re beds, armchairs, ottomans and headboards with hidden compartments inside or behind the structure that won’t take up any extra floor space. You can also get a hanger stand to keep your clothes wrinkle-free without sacrificing your entire bedroom space.

Another thing to consider here is how well will the different pieces of furniture work together. For example, if the bedroom is your main dressing area, the closet and the dresser need to be close to each other so you won’t have to run from corner to corner to get fully dressed. Think about how different pieces of furniture will look next to each other and whether you have enough space to group them together.


Since you don’t buy bedroom furniture every year, quality isn’t something that you should skimp on. Your bedroom furniture needs to be a smart investment that’ll serve your needs for many years down the line. When shopping for bedroom furniture Australia wide, make sure you enquire the staff about the quality of the materials and the way their furniture is constructed.

Since you don’t buy bedroom furniture every year

When it comes to your bed, it’s best to go for a solid hardwood frame that’s strong enough to withstand years of use without making a peep. Or you can buy quality reclaimed furniture that has a chic look and becomes even more beautiful with time.

When choosing sideboards and dressers, you’ll also need to double-check whether you can smoothly open and close the drawers. If a drawer makes squeaky noises or you struggle to pull it out, that’s a sure sign that it was cheaply made or poorly designed.


Hooray! You’ve reached the most fun part, choosing the style of your bedroom. You’re probably wondering what the latest trend in bedroom furniture is, and the answer lies in your head. That’s right, bedrooms injected with personality are the hottest trend for 2021. It seems like people decided to move away from the safe zone of neutral colours and minimalistic design and go for more daring design options.

choosing the style of your bedroom

What a relief, you’re absolutely free to choose whatever you like, be it contemporary, industrial, vintage or a soothing Scandi-style bedroom design. Dive into the huge variety of styles to find what suits you best and then personalise it to make it more you. And one last thing, when styling your bedroom, make sure to organise the furniture in a way that appeals to your eyes and soul to create a serene environment for you to relax in.


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