Air Jordan is one of the most famous streetwear companies in the US. And if the brand fascinates you and you are looking for more facts about Jordans, you might already know some things.

You likely know that Hall of Fame NBA player Michael Jordan created them. And you might know they are more expensive than the average basketball shoe.

But what are some other interesting facts about Jordans? Read on to discover some of the best!

  • Nike Released the First Air Jordans in 1984

Michael Jordan was a die-hard fan of Adidas at the time, but their offer did not come close to the deal Nike offered the NBA player in the 1980s.

So, Nike made the first-ever pair of Jordan shoes for him to wear in 1984 and they went public in 1985.

  • They Do Not Have the Nike Swoosh

Well, Air Jordan II and all the versions after do not have the signature Nike logo swoosh. And they were the first pair of Nike shoes not to have it!

Have you never realized this before and you are not convinced? Check them out on shoe stores like, and others.


  • Air Jordans Have Appeared on the Big Screen

Michael Jordan is not only a basketball player, but he is also a movie star. In 1996, he appeared in the Looney Tunes feature film Space Jam. 

He wore the Air Jordan XI shoes so one of the best fun facts about Jordans is that they have appeared on the big screen!

  • People Wear Air Jordans With Suits

These Air Jordan facts prove Michael Jordan knows his stuff when it comes to sneakers. He predicted the Air Jordan XI would be a popular footwear choice for suits thanks to its sleek patent leather exterior.

And he was right! People still wear sneakers with suits to this day.

  • The Jordan Brand Has a Charitable Arm

Michael Jordan and Nike started releasing Air Jordans under the Jordan Brand in 1997. Since then, Michael Jordan has found ways to give back to his community as a CEO.

He partners with UNCF, an organization that funds scholarships for black students in the US.

  • Air Jordan IX Sneakers Feature on a Michael Jordan Statue

This is one of the most predictable facts about Jordans because it was only a matter of time before the man himself got his own statue. It stands outside United Center, home of his former team the Chicago Bulls.

The Michael Jordan statue wears the Air Jordan IX sneakers because of their trademark six-ringed sole. Does that make them the best Jordan shoes?

  • Jordans Are Always Released on a Saturday

Nike releases the new Jordans on a Saturday every year and they always have. This is so kids are not tempted to miss school to bag themselves a pair of the latest kicks.

And since the average price of a pair of Jordans is $145, that is a lot of dough for school kids!

Facts About Jordans You Should Know

Now you know a lot more facts about Jordans than you ever thought you would! And you can appreciate the legacy of Michael Jordan and this long-lasting sports brand.

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