Shameless is an American drama-comedy TV series aired on Showtime and developed by John Wells. Its debut episode was launched on January 9, 2011. It is about a poor and dysfunctional family from Chicago.

The family is made of a single father, Frank Gallagher, and six children. Frank spends most of his days by being reckless and drunk, causing his children to learn to look after themselves.

The Cast of Shameless Season 11

Here is a list of the characters that will appear in the season 11 of Shameless:

  • William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher

Frank Gallagher is the main protagonist of the show. He was married to Monica Gallagher, who already passed away. They have five children and through a past relationship, he has a daughter named Samantha Slott. He is portrayed as a troublemaker and alcoholic. It is later known that his selfish, neglectful, and manipulative stemmed from the abusive upbringing of his mother.

  • Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher

Phillip Ronan “Lip” Gallagher is the second eldest of the Gallagher siblings and by far the smartest. He received straight As from his school and the future for him looks promising.

  • Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher

Carl Gallagher is the second youngest son of Frank. He finished his police training in the previous series, despite his father having doubts about the course he has chosen.

  • Steve Howey as Kevin Ball

Despite not being one of the Gallagher Family, Kevin Ball is one of the main casts of the series. He is the bartender of a bar where Frank frequents. He is also a father to a son named Dominick and two daughters.

  • Shanola Hampton as Veronica Fisher

Fondly called as “V,” Veronica Fisher is one of the closest neighbors of the Gallaghers. She is also the wife of Kevin and always there to help the family when in need.

  • Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher

Debbie Gallagher is the third youngest child of Frank and described by her father as “sent by the gods.” She is a very mature person that she finds it difficult to socialize with people within her age.

Ian Gallagher is the third oldest among the Gallagher siblings. He is the most persistent, reckless, goofiest, and strong-hearted. However, it is believed that he is actually the son of Clayton Gallagher, the brother of Frank who had an affair with Monica in 1995.

  • Jim Hoffmaster as Kermit

Kermit may not be one of the main characters of the show. However, he regularly appears on Shameless as one of Frank’s companions at The Alibi Room.

  • Michael Patric McGill as Tommy

Tommy is another cohort of Frank who is also a regular at The Alibi Room.

  • Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich

Mickey Milkovich is the son of Terry and Laura and the brother of Mandy. At the early episodes of the show, he is portrayed as someone aggressive and violent. However, after being raped, he came out as gay at the end of season 4. At the end of season 10, he and Ian Gallagher got married.

Shameless Season 11

Shameless Plot

Shameless is mainly focused on the Gallagher family. Frank Gallagher is a neglectful and manipulative single father who was left by his Monica, the mother of his children, years ago. As he is selfish and irresponsible, Fiona, his eldest daughter, was forced to take care of her siblings on her own. Frank does not have anything to offer his children, so they are forced to steal money and food to survive.

Fiona, being the eldest, had to balance her sexual life while taking care of her siblings. Lip, being the smartest in the family, uses his intelligence and skills for sexual favors from his female neighbors for his physics tuition. Ian, who is gay, went to jail. Debbie steals money from her UNICEF collection. Carl is showing signs that he will become an arsonist and sociopath.

While these may have been the case, the Gallaghers re shown to grow gradually across the seasons. In the final episode of season 10, Ian and Mickey got married and Carl graduated from the police academy. However, with Frank, we are still yet to see if he is going to improve as a whole.

The Release Date of Shameless Season 11

The latest season of Shameless was aired in November 2019. It consisted of 12 episodes, with the finale episode airing in January 2020.

Gary Levine, the President of Leisure for Showtime Networks, confirmed during the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour that Shameless is renewed for another season. However, no official release date was announced yet. A new season of the show usually airs every Fall. However, with the current situation the world is in, we may expect the release date to be at a much later date.

Season 11 is reported to be the final season of Shameless so we can expect it to be a really good one!


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