When you buy or lease a car in the area of Saskatchewan, you must register it with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). SGI guarantees you minimal protection when purchasing your Saskatchewan license plates.

This protection covers the owner of the vehicle as well as any other holder of a driver’s license who has obtained the owner’s consent to drive his vehicle. This basic insurance covers up to $ 200,000, with a deductible of $ 700, meaning that the insured will pay the first part of the costs amounting to $ 700 and SGI will pay the rest.

The insurance guarantee includes protection against the damage of equipment (including vehicles) caused to drivers or passengers.

If you want to purchase an additional insurance policy to provide more protection, you can do so with SGI or other insurance companies.

Finding an auto body shop you can trust

If you had a collision and your car was damaged, your insurance will cover the expense of restoring it to its pre-accident state.

Auto body shop Prince Albert is an SGI Accredited repair shop with years of experience and a long history of highly satisfied customers. Specialized in Paintless Dent Repairs, Collision Repair Services, Auto Glass Services, and SGI Accident Claims, their skilled team will make sure your vehicle will be repaired using premium replacement parts and industry-approved repair practices.

SGI Damage Repair

From the date of the collision, you have two years to get your car repaired. To avoid further damage to the car, it would be excellent to repair the car as quickly as possible particularly to avoid damages that might jeopardize your vehicle’s safety which include damage to wheels, tires, taillights, headlights, and other important auto body parts.

On your damage estimate, the SGI appraiser will specify the type of replacement parts that will be required for repairing your vehicle. Under the description of parts,  the replacement parts will be labeled as either „quality recycled“ (if recycled parts are used) or „quality replacement“ if aftermarket parts are being used.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts

These parts are either made by or licensed to the vehicle manufacturer meaning they will work in tandem with other parts and ensure your vehicle will run as it should.

SGI only selects components that are constructed to OEM standards and have warranties that are equal to or greater than the OEM guarantee. Original equipment components will be utilized to fix your car if it is the same model as the current year.

OEM products are new and they come directly from the automaker that assembled your vehicle means they were designed, constructed, and tested according to the manufacturer’s standard.

Refurbished/recycled replacement parts

If the vehicles are older than the current model year,  SGI uses parts that are remanufactured, recycled, or after-market. The new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are used only if you have replacement cost coverage under an SGI CANADA AutoPak insurance. If you have coverage with another insurance provider you have to inquire about their policies.

Recycled components are high-quality parts taken from cars that can no longer be driven and used as replacements and many of these components are sourced from SGI’s own recycling facilities.

Refurbished parts are used if your car model is older than the current year of manufacturing and requires various mechanical or body elements.

After-market parts

These are parts that have been made through a third-party source but have the same fit, finish, and functioning as a new OEM part. With aftermarket parts, you have more of a selection, and they come significantly cheaper than OEM parts. However, there is a wide range of manufacturers for these parts, and therefore a different quality range. 

Remanufactured parts

Remanufactured parts are used original manufacturer parts that have been stripped down and had any of its worn components replaced. Remanufacturing is a standardized industrial process by which previously nonfunctional, worn, or sold products are transformed to same-as-new or better condition and performance.

Most of the time, these lower-cost components are up to 50 percent less expensive than OEM parts and allow you to repair older cars that would otherwise be too expensive to repair. Also, this reduces claim costs and helps to keep insurance rates cheaper while also being environmentally friendly.

Discontinued parts

If a part has to be replaced but isn’t available from the OEM or an aftermarket source,

SGI will pay you either the latest known listed price of the part, or the value of the part at the time of the incident. In case you are dissatisfied with the part we have chosen, you may continue your search for a replacement on your own.


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