Seth Macfarlane’s Net Worth


Seth Macfarlane’s Net Worth: How Much is Seth Macfarlane Worth?

Who is Seth Macfarlane?

If you remember the smash-hit movies like Family Guy and American Dad then probably you would be familiar with who Seth Macfarlane is? Seth Macfarlane is a noted American voice artist, actor, singer, director, and cartoonist. The actor is known for his outstanding voiceovers in famous movies like American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Family Guy.

Along with this, he directed these movies too. Very few voice actors are successful in managing multiple professions in a go. Whether it is acting, singing, voice acting, writing, and production career and Seth Macfarlane has nailed every single role he performs. Some of the triumphant movies he has directed are Ted, Ted 2, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. Not only in voiceover and direction career, but Seth Macfarlane also set records for his acting.

His multitalented spirit and passion for whatever he does, has set him apart from other established personalities of the world. He is a notable singer and has released six studio albums beginning with Music is better than Words in 2011. Seth Macfarlane has been honored to host the Academy Awards in 2013 and many other famous TV shows. With his impeccable voice acting skills, he rules the Hollywood industry like a pro and has emerged as one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood.

Personal Details

  • Celebrity Name: Seth Macfarlane
  • Full Name: Seth Woodbury MacFarlane
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: October 26, 1973
  • Birth Place: Kent, Connecticut, U.S.
  • Age: 47
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Weight: 83 KG
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Status: Single
  • Wife: None
  • Children:  None
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Songwriter, TV producer, Voice Artist, and Director.
  • Net Worth: $300 Million

Early Life

Born on October 26, 1973, Seth Macfarlane belongs to the town of Kent which is located in Connecticut, U.S. His parents Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry belonged to Massachusetts. Inclined towards drawing and illustrations from childhood, MacFarlane got his high school education from the Kent School. Macfarlane graduated in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.

During his college years, he made a thesis film The Life of Larry, which was later submitted by his professor in Hanna-Barbera animation studio. He also created a series of independent films and met Mike Henry one of the cast members of Family Guy in his college. He earned his first income of five dollars when he started doing a weekly comic strip sketch for a local Kent Newspaper. Rachael, Macfarlane’s younger sister is also a voice actress.

Personal Life

Presently Seth Macfarlane lives in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. If we talk about his personal life, this lifelong bachelor has been in romantic relationships with famous names like Eliza Dushku and Emilia Clarke. In real life, Macfarlane compares himself with the Family Guy’s animated character Brian Griffin. MacFarlane’s mother died from Cancer on July 16, 2010.

Seth Macfarlane Career

Seth Macfarlane began his career with Hanna-Barbera where he was hired based on his film The Life of Larry. In 1990, he worked for Cartoon Network as an animator and writer of the series Cartoons Cartoons, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Johnny Bravo. He also worked as a freelance for Walt Disney Television Animation. Although Macfarlane was enjoying his television career, his career got a breakthrough when he got a proposal from FOX to draw a pilot for the Family Guy.

He was given an emolument of $50k for this amazing pilot. Macfarlane stated in an interview that he could not sleep properly for six months and followed this project like crazy. After an astonishing success of Family Guy, Macfarlane became one of the highest-paid writers of that era. The second long-running success of Seth Macfarlane was American Dad which was an adult animated series.

This multi-talented Family Guy is a proud executive producer of The Orville, Cosmos, and The Winner. Seth Macfarlane’s Ted film in 2012 Ted 2 in 2015, gained immense popularity in which he provided voiceovers to the Teddy Bear. Both movies set a record of generating revenue of millions. In 2014, he also starred in the film “A Million Ways to Die in the West”.

Apart from this, he is in singing too. A Million Ways to Die in the West was his first debut album. After this, Seth released some hit albums which opened doors to Grammy Awards for him. Blessed with an outstanding voice, acting skills, and creative production skills, MacFarlane has proved that he is no less than any other superstar of the world.

Seth Macfarlane Awards and Achievements

If we talk about his achievements, this prolific personality carries a bag of awards and honors of a lifetime. With his hard work, passion, and multiple tasking, he has proved his mettle to the world. Macfarlane has been nominated five times for Prime Time Emmy Awards for Family Guy. For his musical works in Family Guy, Seth has been nominated for Grammy Awards and that too for five times.

This ardent celebrity has also been nominated for Academy Award for the best original song Everybody Needs a Best Friend. Along with these, he has also won many other awards for his best performances in television and movies. Some of these awards include MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo and Empire Award for Best Comedy. In 2020, he was also honored to be inducted Television Academy of Hall of Fame for his extraordinary contributions to U.S. television industry.

Seth Macfarlane’s Total Net Worth

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At present Seth’s total net worth is $300 Million.

Seth Macfarlane is undoubtedly one of the copious actors, singers, directors, and an outspoken person. He openly supports gay rights. Due to his candid nature, he has been honored to be a guest speaker at Stanford University and Harvard University. He also loves to play the piano and has a baritone voice.

His international successes are Family Guy, American Dad followed by Ted and Ted 2. He earned a beneficial amount of money with these blockbusters. Now he is counted among one of the wealthy superstars in the U.S. He continues to earn more than the dollars and that is his fan following on social media. People follow him like crazy on social media channels.

Last modified: December 23, 2020