Who is Sean Evans?

While everyone is brainstorming how to get a name and fame, there is one personality who became an internet sensation while munching hot pepper chicken wings on YouTube. Sean Evans is an internet personality who became famous when in 2014 he released his first episode of the web series Hot Ones on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has more than 5 million followers where he interviews various celebrities while eating spicy chicken wings. He also hosts the show First We Feast and earns a decent amount for his works.

Not many people get success like Sean Evans. Beginning his channel in 2014, he has become popular just like any other celebrity. After his successful YouTube broadcasting, he was offered a job by Complex magazine which he accepted. Let us find out how Sean Evans managed to become an internet sensation and become so rich in a short period.

Personal Details

  • Celebrity Name: Sean Evans
  • Full Name: Sean Evans
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: April 26, 1986
  • Birth Place: Evanston, Illinois, U.S.
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Status: In a relationship
  • Wife: No
  • Children:  No
  • Profession: You Tuber and Producer
  • Net Worth: $40 million

Early Life

Sean Evans was born and brought up in Evanston, Illinois, the U.S. Born on April 26, 1986; he is an American citizen. Sean is fond of eating spicy foods since his childhood and during these years he built a firm tolerance for spicy food. That is the reason he is always seen eating hot pepper chicken wings on his shows like a pro.

Personal Life

If we talk about his personal life, Sean Evans likes to keep it personal. Once he shared an image of his father on a social media platform. We are not known about his parents’ names and whereabouts. He has a younger brother and his name is Gavin.

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Evans loves traveling, reading, and listening to music in his leisure time. It would be surprising to know that Evans is not married yet. He is in a relationship with American actress Natasha Martinez. Evans is a Christian with a zodiac sign of Taurus.


In the initial years of his career, Sean used to work as a copywriter for the Chicago tourism board. Before he found his path to fame, he went through a lot of ups and downs. He also worked as a freelancer with Complex Magazine where he interviewed eminent personalities and uploaded them on YouTube. Till today, Sean Evans has been a successful host, You Tuber, producer, copywriter, and internet sensation.

Hot Ones

After joining a full-time job with Complex Magazine, Sean Evans shifted to New York. This move to New York City opened gates of fame for Evans. Here he was offered the Hot Ones series by Christopher Schonberger, creator of Hot Ones. First Feat.com and Complex media were the producers of the show.

Each episode of Hot Ones was opened by the host Sean Evans by its tagline: The show with hot questions and even hotter wings. The format of the show involves interviewing celebrities and offering them ten chicken wings to eat.

In every season, guests are offered chicken wings and Evan asks questions after they finish each wing. As the wings get hotter, guests are offered water and milk to alleviate the effects of hot wings. Slowly and slowly interview becomes more divergent towards how to finish hot chicken wings. In season 4, the Last Dab was created by Hot Ones and is likely to have 2 million Scoville Units.

Whether it is sports, music, movies, or any other field, celebrities from all the sectors are seen on the show. Some of the celebrities interviewed on the show so far include Shaquille O’Neal, Marques Brownlee, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Hart, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Rudd, Charlize Theron, Sasha Banks, Billie Eilish, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The celebrities who do not finish the ten chicken wings on the show are added to the infamous Hall of Shame in the show. Running since 2015, Hot Ones has successfully conducted each season with Sean Evans and is performing well even now.

First We Feast 

Acting as the host of the First We Feast web series for a long time, Evans has made it to one of the enduring characters on the show. First We Feast is a food culture online YouTube channel which is co-produces Hot Ones in collaboration with its parent company Complex Media.

The channel is popular for producing food-related videos and incorporates guest interviews with Evans as its host. The channel has record millions of views every day and developing a strong fan base with each passing day.

Awards and Achievements

Till now, Hot Ones has been going great with smooth streaming of the eleventh season of the series. As a result of the popularity of the show, the show has won two awards: The award for Best Non-Fiction Series and Pop Culture. With a successive series of celebrity interviews on Hot Ones, Sean Evans has become a celebrity himself. Where ever he goes, he is admired for his fabulous personality and tolerance for hot chicken wings.

Sean Evans’s Total Net Worth

How much is Sean Evans Worth?Image Source: Complexcon.com

As of now, Sean Evan’s total net worth is $40 million.

Well, it might be quite challenging to say how much Sean Evan makes from his YouTube shows as he is followed by millions of fans. Various factors decide the amount of income a YouTube series can make. So it will be ideal to say that First We Feast and Hot Ones which have millions of followers must be fetching a good amount of revenue and filling the pockets of Evans. Overall Sean Evans is a wealthy personality and his future shows are going to making him even more rich and popular.


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