Space is visible from anywhere on our planet, but it remains inaccessible while also being the subject of interest for people and science. Previously, space exploration was available only to state organizations within the framework of national projects. Private companies also significantly contribute to the development of the space industry, and businesses’ role in this sector has become more prominent.

The interest of private companies in space is leading to innovation in the industry and technology development. Thanks to this development, space technologies are entering our daily lives. They bring new value to various business sectors and human social activities. The ability to apply high-resolution Earth images for different branches is a huge benefit, and you can find out more details in this article.

Satellite imagery and data in your business

Many companies have discovered new opportunities for themselves thanks to the growth of the satellite market and the availability of higher resolution satellite images. Remote sensing satellite data greatly benefits many areas, including transportation infrastructure, construction, finance, land management, energy systems, agriculture, and more.

There are many benefits to using satellite imagery, depending on your industry. Thanks to satellite data, farmers can monitor the condition of crops in the fields and control livestock grazing. In addition, growers get access to accurate data on weather and soil moisture and can also detect crop threats in time and take timely measures to protect them.

Those involved in the real estate industry can also benefit from remote sensing technologies and use them to assess the value of the land. Researchers and scientists also apply satellite imagery. Thus, they can monitor critical natural processes and direct efforts to protect the environment.

Resolution and accuracy of the satellite imagery 

Those who use satellite imagery in their business know that resolution is their most important feature. However, accuracy is also necessary to consider. The resolution allows us to understand the size of the smallest detail in an image. For example, with a resolution of 30X30 cm, you can see details of this size and bigger.

Accuracy reflects the distance between the geographic position of an object on the Earth’s surface and its location in the image. This parameter varies depending on the terrain, the viewing angle of the sensor, and satellite positioning technology.

Business and operating opportunities offered by satellites

  • Satellites for the Internet of Things (IoT). The spread of the IoT system involves the installation of billions of new devices connected to the Internet. However, Internet infrastructure is not available everywhere, and satellites can help solve this problem by acting as a gateway.
  • Precision agriculture. Satellites enable farmers to monitor crop health throughout the growing season and detect many crop changes and threats. In addition, remote sensing technologies allow farmers to optimize irrigation systems and apply agricultural resources effectively, increasing productivity and saving money.
  • Mining. Geologists and field crews can use satellite imagery to obtain information about the landscape and the location of structures in an area of interest. Hires satellite images help to navigate uncharted sites and the residential areas better. Multispectral imaging also allows distinguishing between vegetation, rocks, and soils. This data helps to make safer and more effective decisions.
  • Banking and Insurance. By working with remote financial IoT devices, satellite communications turn business challenges into opportunities. Financial companies benefit from remote access, scalable infrastructure, and improved risk management thanks to satellite technology.
  • Shipping. Before the advent of commercial satellites, government projects covered only the most populated parts of our planet. It created several problems, as the Arctic shipping routes and many other ocean corners remained out of sight. Today, companies are trying to cover all the blind spots in the ocean and make them available for monitoring to make shipping safer.
  • Emergency Response. Satellite industry provides a set of crucial tools in assisting victims of natural disasters and military conflicts. Satellite images play a vital role in creating maps of affected areas, enabling identification of damages and distractions. Moreover, satellite technologies application increases the efficiency of rescue operations. 

Choose the best providers

Top providers of our planets’ imagery offer data from different sources. You can also purchase images from resellers, which can be even more cost-effective as they have an even more comprehensive selection. They sell images from different providers taken by various satellites.Thus, users can find a good deal of imagery depending on their needs, area of interest, cost, and other characteristics.

Quality is worth the price 

It’s expensive to get high-quality satellite images of our planet. Obtaining images in high quality is possible only with expensive equipment. For this reason, all providers of high-quality Earth images are private companies.

EOS LandViewer benefits 

This digital GIS data provider allows users to quickly search and pull out useful information from satellite images for further use. EOS LandViewer provides high-resolution imagery from any part of the Earth. ​The tool will offer images for users based on the areas they picked out. Compatibility with other GIS tools allows integration of EOS LandViewer data with other companies software.

Free samples and imagery previews are available in EOS LandViewer. Users can see the price calculation according to selected area and imagery. A customer receives the image within three days (except on the weekends). Image processing can be done directly in the platform’s account, so the users don’t have to upload files to analyze them. Analyzed imagery can also be stored in the platform and downloaded later if necessary. This tool helps find practical business solutions based on satellite data, saving time and money.


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