Are you a fan of suspense-thriller movies? If yes, you have been on the lookout for this series, Salvation season 3. This particular series first premiered on July 12, 2017. It is an American drama series that aired on CBS, with the first season having 13 episodes, and later, it put on a second season with 13 happenings on June 25, 2018.

Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro, and Matt JL Wheeler created the thriller series and premiered on Netflix. Some of the top casts of this series are Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Jacqueline Byers, Ian Anthony Dale, and Rachael Drance, among others.


As we know, Salvation was released for those who enjoy thriller movies or series. It brings into the picture an MIT student who discovers that an asteroid is about to collide with earth. Additionally, the student, Liam Cole, together with Darius Tanz, a scientist, is left with the mandate to inform the government on that with only six months remaining before the impact of the asteroid is seen.

So, they are left to work together. Darius tries to prove to the government that he can help find a solution to stop colliding the asteroid and earth through an innovative idea involving an electromagnetic drive. He gets funding from the government, and he tries through all means to make his new idea come to life.

He gets help from Liam and other staff to make sure he delivers on time through all this. It entails revolving of governments between 2 countries US and Russia. Unfortunately, CBS, where the tv series used to air, canceled it after two seasons.



Following a series can be exciting, but the sad news is that you are not sure whether you will complete the sequel to the end. It is the case with Salvation. After the cancellation of the famous Tv drama on CBS. This was on November 20, 2017, many have been left with the question of whether the next season will be released or not. It is sad to know that no one has the true answer to that, but we sit and hope to complete the series.


In every movie or series, the ratings and reviews play a significant role in giving the go-ahead to those who haven’t watched to go ahead and watch. Well, with the salvation series, one of the reasons for its cancellation is that it received mixed reviews, most of which were negative from its viewers. In Rotten tomato, it got a rating of 47%, while in IMDB, the series managed to get a rating of 5.75 out of 10.

Well, with this kind of ratings and reviews, it is clear that it lost views, and this remains one of the reasons for the delayed release of season 3.


The story still focuses on the asteroid, which will cause massive distraction. The casts remain the same, with Santiago Cabrera’s protagonist starred as Darius Tranz, the scientist. A clear picture of how this season will flow is not out as much has not been kept unknown. Only speculations from people on how it will unfold are what is in our hands at the moment, so with that, we can say nothing much about it.


Most likely, the answer will be yes. After premiering two seasons, with a complete of 26 episodes for both, there will be a need for us to wave it goodbye. However, there has been a glimpse of how the third season will be. Many were excited by the thought of it being there, but there has been no clear say that the next season will be released.

Some people tend to blame it on the plot, but we can’t conclude that it is the main reason for it to end. There was definitely a plan before, and dreams change, so maybe we have to get back to our remotes and scroll for something new.


As always, people say never to lose hope. Yes, this is something that some, if not all, fans of the salvation series are practicing at the moment. Maybe there will be a release of the new season in the future, and maybe not. But following the critics of people concerning the last two seasons, it’s evident that this new series will never appear on our screens again.

Well, it is sad to bid a series goodbye, but maybe in a situation where a series has failed to create a vast fan base, then it is clear without doubt that it will have to be canceled.


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