Written by: LIFESTYLE

Reasons Why You Should Only Buy Wilson And Frenchy Clothes For Your Baby

Wilson and Frenchy are an environmentally friendly baby and toddler bedding and clothing brand, they make exquisite designs with intricate colors, playful images, and hand-sketched illustrations all from organic and natural materials. 

The collection entails baby clothes for preemies and neonates up to the toddler ages, also including beddings, muslin wraps, and children’s sleepwear ranging from size 1 to 7. All of Wilson Frenchy’s creations are made from an eco-friendly and organic approach, not forgetting a whole lot of love. Here are the reasons why you should only think of this clothing brand when shopping for your baby’s clothes.

  • Sustainable Baby Attires

The Wilson and Frenchy brand is dedicated to making purely ethical and organic items. Every piece is tailored purposefully by use of Global Organic Textile Standard recommended dyes. The dyes are free of dangerous chemicals such as lead, nickel, amines, pesticides, formaldehyde, and heavy metals thereby protecting the natural cotton growers and their families and your baby as well. 

During the cotton farming process, no harmful artificial pesticides are applied. This has incredible advantages for the environment since crop rotation is observed to conserve soil, water is retained more efficiently because of the healthier natural materials in the soil requiring less energy to be applied in the manufacture. The clothes are manufactured from 100% pure cotton and all-organic textiles such as wool and bamboo.

Natural textiles are the best fit for a baby’s delicate skin since they can control their temperature, they are antimicrobial, and they make sure that the skin does not absorb hazardous elements through the clothes. Wilson and Frenchy pieces are mostly appropriate for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Bamboo Babywear

The Wilson and Frenchy collections also use bamboo material for their garments because it is loaded with incredible properties. Bamboo is environmentally friendly since it is recyclable and hypoallergenic as well making it ideal for baby skin. 

The material is extra soft and silky and it helps in regulating the temperatures thereby keeping your child warm in the cold weather and cool when it is hot. This is achievable because bamboo is highly absorbent and it absorbs moisture from the skin hence your baby does not stay hot and clammy.

  • Ethical Baby Garments

If you have been searching for a brand with ecofriendly and ethical attributes, Wilson and Frenchy are your go-to brand. They take pride in manufacturing their items using legal trade factories only. These factories strive to respect the economic, social, and rights of cotton farmers and other workers. They apply ecological farming techniques that preserve the environment and the wellbeing of farmers and their customers. 

The company’s employees get a fair salary, pension money, social security, house rent, sick pay, paid vacation leave, medical insurance, overtime, and grants. The workers’ children get tuition-free schooling as well. When you buy a Wilson and Frenchy item, you are earnestly assisting to positively impact the worker’s lives.

Most Popular Wilson And Frenchy Pieces

  • Knitted rib blankets – professionally designed and tailored from natural cotton, wool, and bamboo. It is the ideal blanket for you and your baby since it is ultra-durable and it becomes softer with every wash without losing its exquisite look. They are an ideal present for a new mom and they can be used as a bassinet as well.
  • Baby beanies – the adorable Wilson and Frenchy baby beanies are ideal to keep neonates warm throughout. They are functional and fashionable at the same time having been made with breathable natural cotton fitted with an adjustable band to fit your baby’s head as it grows.