Swim Free Hawaii

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Reasons To Contact Swim Free Hawaii

If you have ever wanted to go to the Big Island of Hawaii, and explore the island in a completely unique way, you should contact the people that Swim Free Hawaii. This is one of the few clothing optional tours that you can take, allowing you to experience all that Hawaii has to offer without inhibitions.

That is why this company offers a clothing optional service. It is safe, unique, and you can travel in small groups or it could just be for a couple. The captain is going to be fully insured and licensed and has years of experience, allowing you to feel safe as it takes you two different destinations.

What Can You Expect With This Service?

There are many services offered by this company, https://www.swimfreehawaii.com is the best place to check them out. They specialize in personalizing this as much as possible. You can be an individual that is simply excited about swimming with fish in the ocean, yet without needing to wear any clothes. At certain times of the year, you may be introduced to one of the most outstanding natural sites in the world.

Like long beach whale watching, You can see majestic whales passing by. Depending upon where you are on the tour, you will see the iconic coastline of the Big Island which is both beautiful and organically real. The services offered will include a snorkeling service that will allow you to experience life under the water which is teeming with fish. Perhaps you just want to sunbathe out on the open ocean. For others, it’s about looking for dolphins or finding the most unique spots around the island.

What Can You Expect With This Service

What Is The Overall Pricing?

If you decide to do this, you can rent the entire boat, with up to six passengers, for a total of $600. This would give you the ultimate private experience. Everybody in your group would know each other, and that will make it more fun, allowing you to completely relax. Another possibility is that there may only be you.

If you want to go without clothing all by yourself with a group you do not know, you can do so for $150. Finally, there is special pricing for couples, $250, that allows you to interact with four others that will also be on the boat.

Why You Should Do This On Kona

The Kona side of the Big Island is one of the most busy areas for tourists. Part of the reason has to do with its close proximity to Maui, especially as you head north up the old west side of the island. Although the many pristine beaches are as similar to what you will find on the other islands, you will also save an enormous number of volcanic rocks.

This is an island that is constantly growing, with the active volcano still spewing lava, creating new land for everyone to see. Best of all, this is where King Kamehameha lived all those years ago, the man who united all of the Hawaiian Islands. You can take part in learning about the history of this ancient island that has so much to offer.

If you have ever wanted to go on a tour of the Big Island of Hawaii, why not do it without any clothing? That’s exactly what you get with Swim Three Hawaii, one of the few tours on the Hawaiian Islands that allows you to not wear any clothing at all as you spend a day with friends, family, or even complete strangers on a boat with a certified captain. To find out more information about this outstanding experience that you can have, visit our website today.

Last modified: April 20, 2021