Tough times call for tough decisions. Sanctions, the political situation in the world, and the flight to a better life have allowed Thailand to become one of the leading countries in apartments for sale in Bangkok. Buying a house in Thailand is one of the first requests in the search lines of browsers of residents of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Why choose Bangkok for life? How did real estate sales in Thailand jump up? And what served as the move of thousands of people to a country where there is a constant summer?

The real estate market in Thailand is massive and versatile: Thailand is even called a country of contrasts. There is also very cheap housing and luxurious luxury apartments. 

Bangkok – an island where life will sparkle with new colors

Bangkok is a truly amazing mountainous island with tropical forests located in the Andaman Sea. Many travelers from all over the world come to see pictures from the Internet in real life and enjoy the purity of nature.

Locals call Phuket a treasure island. Here, you can plunge into the ancient culture of Thailand, see the real jungle with your own eyes and watch the bright colors of the sunset every evening.

Thailand guests: how the island falls in love with itself

“Will we move to permanent residence?” is one of the main questions of tourists who have been here once. Thailand is striking in its beauty, but for whom did this country turn out to be a place for wintering, and who chose it for permanent life:

  •     IT specialists. Information technology has flooded the whole world, and specialists in this field have chosen to live in a quiet place by the sea.
  •     Diving enthusiasts. The fact is that diving is especially developed in Thailand. Caves, reefs, sharks, seahorses, and turtles – why not a paradise picture? In addition, the country carefully monitors the serviceability of equipment and control of immersion in water.
  •     Winterers. If there is a paradise in the world, it is Thailand. Thousands of people from all over the world annually come to spend the winter in a country where the sun constantly shines, and the purity of the sea breeze blows in the air.
  •     Investors. Thailand is not only about heavenly conditions but also about the opportunity to earn good money. Contribution, rent, sale, and resale of real estate are one of the main types of income in the country.
  •     Translators. In Thailand, competent specialists are valued, they allocate housing for living and provide good wages.

What affects the price of real estate?

The main points:

  •     location – housing in a good area with developed infrastructure will cost more. People want to live close to schools, hospitals, seaside resort towns, and transport hubs in Bangkok.
  •     services – if the management company provides cleaning services and mail delivery if the house has a swimming pool, sauna, and coworking, then the price of real estate will skyrocket.
  •     repair – a property with a designer, stylish quality renovation will attract the attention of a buyer/tenant’s attention faster and cost more.
  •     layout and area of the property;
  •     the presence or absence of furniture and appliances, In Thailand, even new buildings from developers are often rented out with some elements of furniture and appliances.

Now in Thailand, demand has increased for houses for 5-10 million baht, townhouses at 2-3 million baht, and condominiums for 1-2 million baht.

Prices for apartments

For 200-500 thousand baht, you can buy a studio in a multi-story building without a protected area and without furniture.

From 600 thousand baht, you can buy a studio up to 35m2 in a multi-story condominium. There may be security and a swimming pool in such houses, but there are no other services.

Prices start from 1.5 million baht for studios up to 40 m2 in new-build condominiums. These houses have coworking, free fitness, laundries, security, gardens, playgrounds, and much more. Such apartments are in many cities. Now, this is the most common type of development for Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

House prices

Prices for villas and townhouses start from 1 million baht. For 10 million, you can buy a spacious villa with 4-5 bedrooms, a garden, and a private pool.

For example, a house in Pattaya with two bedrooms can cost around 2.5 baht.

There is no lower limit, in special elite places such as Phuket, houses can reach 500 million baht.

Why did even the lazy buy property in Thailand?

The political situation in the world forced citizens from all over the world to massively change their permanent place of residence. Thailand is also one of the fastest-growing countries in the world.

The advantages of Thailand: compared to Europe – low prices for renting and buying real estate, pleasant climatic conditions – the absence of winter as such, and all kinds of entertainment – the resort is famous for both daytime diving competitions and noisy parties at night.

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