The hair and beauty market has seen a massive boom in recent years, with around 54% growth between 2015 and 2020. In 2019 alone, the industry brought in well over £8 billion! Despite the difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic, hair and beauty is still a lucrative opportunity for those hoping to carve a career in beauty. You have the knowledge and the business nous, but in creating your own salon space you’ll need to have a grip on the décor. How will you create a salon that suits you?

Start With Equipment

Before you get stuck into the thematic and aesthetic decisions surrounding your new salon venture, you should make sure you have the essentials in the bag. You’ll have a budget for getting your salon finished and client-ready – and finding out you don’t have the funds for a crucial piece of equipment could be potentially ruinous!

The equipment you’ll need will change depending on the specific kind of service you want to provide; for example, if you’re offering hand and foot spa services, you’ll need a pedicure chair to keep your client as comfortable as can be. Alternatively, you might be wanting to offer holistic massage – making a massage table a necessary purchase.

Decide on a Theme

With your essential tools and equipment bought and ready to go, you can now safely begin plans for your salon’s theme and aesthetic. If you’re going down the holistic therapy route, you might want your salon to take on a natural theme – either stylistically or literally. You could start with an earthy colour scheme and dark, chalky colours for the wall, or go all out and plan a forest-themed installation with branches and plant-life.

If you’ll simply be offering manicure and pedicure treatments, you might instead want to give the impression that your salon is a clean and sanitary space – at which point brilliant whites, natural light and easy-clean surfaces can suggest a bright, airy and hygienic space.

Go Neon

A recent trend in both home and commercial interior design has been the introduction of neon signage. Neon signs are bold, bright, and beautiful, and can be a brilliantly bespoke way to create a stand-out aesthetic for your salon treatment rooms. Neon signs are also eminently customisable, meaning you could commission a favourite quote or even your salon’s name to hang on the wall.

For the Walls

Speaking of walls… Figuring out other forms of wall accessory can help you really bring your salon together. Start with the essential stuff, again; install any benches or counters you’ll need, as well as mirrors. For a rustic feel, you could hang old wooden planks as a form of cladding, or use a multitude of frames to include pictures, either documenting your journey or holding inspiration for cosmetic treatments.

Fixtures like wall lighting are also important, not only for visibility but also mood. Be sure to match any lampshades with your overall aesthetic: woven materials for holistic style therapies, chrome steel for that clean feeling.


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