Promotional merchandise helps raise brand awareness. These products help your peers or customers connect with your brand. Experts recommend using promotional merchandise that is simple and useful during business conferences. It’s also essential to ensure that the merchandise is high-quality since low-quality merchandise reflects poorly on your brand.

Promotional product suppliers like Custom Gear Australia sell innovative, relevant brand merchandise for post-Covid business conferences. Merchandise focused on personal hygiene or merchandise containing customized messages about Covid-19 may be excellent for post-Covid conferences. The participants will find these products relevant and creative.

Personal Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products like hand sanitizers, hand lotions, wet wipes, body wash, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and hair products are ideal for post-covid business conferences.

Personal hygiene products have become essentials in every home since the dawn of the pandemic. Free access to high-quality personal hygiene products is bound to make the participants happy.

Personal Hygiene Products 

You may custom print your brand name and creative messages on these products to add a touch of personalization; it’s best to invest in high-quality personal hygiene products. The participants are likely to use the merchandise during or after the conference.

Therefore, the products should be safe and should contain no toxins or allergens. Suppliers like Custom Gear Australia specialize in selling high-quality hygiene-based promotional products. It’s also vital to consider the price of the products.

Personal Safety Items

Gloves, masks, shields, and PPE accessories make great options for post-covid business conferences. You may also make it mandatory for participants to use these products during the conference. The use of high-quality protective accessories will also minimize the risk of viral infection spreading in the conference.

You may be expected to follow strict protocols and implement protective measures while holding business conferences immediately after the covid era. Since the event involves group gatherings, it’s crucial to take necessary precautions. The supply of free, high-quality personal safety items will enhance safety.

Air fresheners and Insect Sprays

You may consider giving away products like anti-bacterial air fresheners and insect sprays to participants in your post-covid business conference. You may want to ensure you buy from a reliable supplier who sells premium-grade promotional products. Room freshener fragrances may trigger allergies.

It may also cause skin problems. Therefore, it’s vital to use high-grade allergen-free products for your business conferences. You may also give conference participants the option to choose between a few fragrances to minimize the scope for allergies.


There are several ways to customize drinkware like mugs, thermos flasks, bottles, protein shakers, and glass bottles. Experts assert it’s vital to carry your drinkware during travels while the pandemic persists. Therefore, customized drinkware with fun and quirky messages, participants’ names, or pictures is an excellent choice for post-covid business conferences.

You may either choose disposable drinkware products or reusable ones. It may be best to choose high-quality, reusable products for conferences. Promotional product brands like Custom Gear Australia sell high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Backpacks and Travel Accessories

Tote bags, satchels, wallets, toiletry, cosmetic bags, and other backpacks are helpful promotional products you may use for your business conference. You may customize the bags with your brand name and other brand details. You may also include small details of the conference in your promotional backpacks.

Products like laptop bags and conference bags are suitable for formal business conferences. If your post-Covid business conference is informal and casual, you may choose travel bags or other fun options.

Other Accessories

You may customize any promotional accessories with covid related messages. Products like pillboxes, notepads, pens, beauty products, clothing, and caps are popular promotional products for business conferences.

To have a large variety of products you can work with a merch maker company with dropshipping. You need to choose a reliable company with high quality materials, fast fulfillment, low prices etc. Companies like Printify, PrintBest, Merchly can help you find a good option for your business.

Wrap Up

You may choose high-grade promotional products at competitive prices for your post Covid business conference. Products relating to personal hygiene and safety may be ideal for your conference. You may even provide kits that contain different appealing promotional products.


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