Prison Break Season 6


Prison Break Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Prison Break is a very interesting TV series American drama that streams on FOX network channel. The story has two main characters: brothers, Lincoln and Michael. The former is given the death punishment for the crime that he has not done. His brother Michael then hatches a plan to get his brother out of prison and to erase his name for the crime he has not committed.

The production behind the series is Adelstein-Parouse with 20th Century Fox and Original Film as its collaborating partners. The credit of curating this concept goes to Paul Scheuring with a team of executive producers including Kevin Hooks and Brett Ratner, the one behind the pilot episode of the series.

Ramin Djawadi who composed the theme music of Prison Break got into the list of nominations for an honorary recognition. Well, it would seem surprising for you that initially, the series did not get acceptance from the FOX channel long ago. They were concerned about the long duration of the series.

When television drama series like Lost and Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor starrer 24 became a huge success, then FOX came back to production. Season 1 received better feedback from the critics and worldwide acceptance from the audience. Prison Break also did well at ratings and headed towards the plan of running thirteen episodes. Owing to its fame, it got extended to more episodes.

Show Details 

TV series: Prison Break
Genre: Crime and action
Created by:  Paul Scheuring
Composer: Ramin Djawadi
Place Of Origin: United States
Starcast:  Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Robin Tunney & others
Original language: English, Spanish, & Arabic
Seasons: 5
Episodes:  90

Story Plot

As mentioned above the story revolves around two brothers Lincoln and Michael. Where the former has been sentenced to death punishment for an undid crime, his brother hatches a plan to make his brother out of prison and to cleanse the dent of the crime he has not done. It won’t be right to reveal the complete story. For that, you need to watch the series from the beginning. Only then you will understand the story and characters in the series.

A Brief About The Actors In Mainstream Roles

If not spoilers, then let me introduce you to the actors who are playing the mainstream characters in Prison Break. The series sticks to a group of star cast for every season with stars in a guest appearance. In season 1, it had around 10 actors of star billing status.

Then in season 2, there were nine actors sharing the same status. Some of the characters got demoted from daily to occasional in the crime action thriller series. Whereas some got upgraded and new faces got introduced. 

If you watch season 3, then you will notice some new faces, including the prisoner characters.  Most of the time, the cast had been changed according to the death scenes of the characters.

The one who created the series explained the character’s deaths. One such was minimizing the stories, whereas, the character of the two brothers, Lincoln and Michael remain present in all series episodes. Let us have a glance at some of the actors in mainstream roles.


He plays the character who is sentenced to death for a crime he has not done. Lincoln is charged with the murder. The Lincoln character actor was cast before the production began, and surprisingly, he was the last one standing for the main role. He even got into the auditions to get the role of Lincoln at the time when he was playing some other character in North Shore.

When Dominic was doing some other television series he had developed a good bonding with the Network Fox. And so he got the role offer. Let me tell you that Dominic was not at all convincing for the latter show creator, as he was not considered fit for the role of Lincoln. He gave another audition and did changes with his hairstyle and got some tanning.

But it was his acting prowess that made him grab the Lincoln character. Dominic even made his first appearance on the filming set with no hair on his head. And that made the show creator convinced of him to be the right candidate for one crime feline role.

Wentworth Miller

He plays the character of Michael, the doting brother of the crime accused Lincoln. In the series, he is shown as an experienced engineer before putting all his time and energy into saving his brother’s life from a death sentence for a crime he has not committed. Being a doting brother, he makes all the efforts in getting his brother out of prison.

Wentworth also had to go through the audition process to get the role of Michael. Before him, some auditioned for the same role but failed to impress Paul, the show creator. Finally, Wentworth convinced him to be the right choice for the role of Lincoln’s brother.

Release Of Prison Break Season 6

It doesn’t seem nice to disappoint the fans who loved watching all the seasons of this crime action show. But unfortunately, the makers of the show have not given any green signal of its return with the sixth season. So sorry folks, it is not happening.

The follow-up of the series also became successful with positive ratings and reviews. Prison Break got into the nomination list for prestigious awards and won one special award (People’s Choice Award) for being the newest television drama. DVDs of Prison Break are now watched with all the previous seasons by the people in America.

Prison Break success has paved videos of short length especially for the mobile calling device and video game. A spin-off series of the television game also took place for mobiles. In January 2016, the FOX network announced season five of the 9th episode.

The series got revived with the premier in 2017 on 4th April and ended on 30th May. Three years ago, another confirmation came in about the development of the sixth season. But last year, the channel expressed no planning to relaunch Prison Break.

Lastly, an episode Behind The Eyes ended in favor of Michael, but fans are not content with it, they are craving for more. So was it the final goodbye? Let us know more about it.