Preparing For A Move


Preparing For A Move? Here Is The Checklist

Looking to move soon? Then you might want to check out Wailea movers for your requirements. Moving is not easy. It may seem all fun at first until you realize that putting your things together is not such a fun task. But you can always have a smooth move with the right plan and the right movers by your side.

Here is the checklist that will save your life;

Start Early

You can do the paperwork (with your apartment complex management) early but this is where the confusion kicks in; if the papers say you are supposed to be moving in three months, or two, or one, start “moving” then. Don’t wait until the last three days to start making calls and buying packing materials.

Starting early gives you ample time to pack and move without stress. It also saves you the last-minute rush. The best thing is to be ready a day or even three before the actual moving date. This will also help you not forget anything behind or carry unnecessary items. 

Put Things On Pen And Paper

If you think you can just find a moving company, pack, and expect everything to be smooth on the D-day then you might as well start to prepare yourself for frustrations and disappointments. Chances are writing everything down will slim the chances of forgetting anything and even help you manage time. Whereas, if you were just doing things randomly, be sure to leave some things out and prepare for a last-minute rush.

Put Things On Pen And Paper

Create A Timetable

It is one thing to write down the things that you need and another one to create an actual timetable. You might just write things down, but if you don’t have the time periods and frames beside these things, then you are just wasting your time writing things down. Chances are you will still find unchecked boxes on the moving day.

A timetable allows you to know when, where, and how to do particular, specific things. Have a day or two or three, or even a week, if need be, to look for movers, another one to find packing materials, another one to pack things in your kitchen, etc. just make sure everything is set in particular and precision.

The Moving Company

This is one of the trickiest tasks. Finding a moving company is not hard, but finding a good moving company that would fit your requirements, now that could be hard. Here is why the process is long;

  • You want to find the best experienced professionals, and experts. This will take a while. You first might need to seek recommendations from your friends and family, read online reviews, and even look for referrals on social media. That is a whole lot.
  • The weighing comes next. While you were searching for recommendations and reading reviews, you probably wrote down 2 or 3 companies you think might be the best fit. But here you are filtering them out to remain with the best. 

There are a couple of things you should be looking for here like licenses, insurance, tools, and such. And then there are the negotiations and the prices.

The Services 

There are multiple services you can get from moving companies, depending on your requirements. The most basic ones are loading the truck, transportation, and offloading. But other services you might need include;

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Dissembling and reassembling of furniture and appliances
  • Providing packing materials
  • Disposing packing materials, and more.

There are also different types of companies all of whom offer different services especially as far as distance is concerned. The most common types of residential moving companies are the long-distance moving companies and the local moving companies.

You might want to hire local moving companies if you are moving just across the neighborhood. However, if you are looking to relocate across the country, you might want long-distance services. Prices are determined by the services you request.