Phenocal can help you lose weight in a variety of ways. It is a safe, effective, and natural weight loss supplement.

Phenocal Reviews


Many people struggle when it comes to losing weight. In America, there is no shortage of processed, sugary, and fat-inducing foods. Plus, more people than ever work jobs where they are sitting for most of the day. This sedentary lifestyle mixed with the readily available unhealthy foods amounts to problems for a lot of people who are unhappy with their body composition.

But Phenocal has been touted as one of the best weight loss supplements because it makes losing weight easier. Of course, no diet supplement will burn fat on its own. Any product that makes such a claim should be avoided completely. Phenocal makes no such false claims. It utilizes a natural and proven formula to help people lose weight, the safe way. And to illustrate that latter point, here is a breakdown of how Phenocal works with your body:

  • It works with your body’s metabolism to burn more fat than you would through diet and exercise alone.
  • It helps release serotonin in your brain so that you don’t feel such a strong urge to overeat.
  • It provides you with more physical energy without the use of unnatural or harsh chemical stimulants.
  • It inhibits the processes that your body typically uses to store fat.

What Is Phenocal?

Phenocal is a daily dietary supplement that you take orally. It comes in capsule form, and many Phenocal reviews mention that the capsules are easy to ingest even for people who usually have trouble swallowing pills. Phenocal was developed by nutrition and health experts in a state-of-the-art laboratory and tested vigorously before it hit the market.

Instead of working against your body (feeding it stimulants and other synthetic components that are bad for it), Phenocal works with your body – providing it nutrients that it needs to get rid of fat, the natural way.

Manufacturer Of Phenocal

Phenocal is made by a company called Pharmaxa Labs. Pharmaxa Labs offers its customers multiple ways to get in touch with them. They also provide generous guarantees for their product. They seem to understand the fact that everyone’s body is different and will react to their product differently. And while almost all of the people who have tried Phenocal have said that it worked for them, Pharmaxa Labs still offers this money-back guarantee on the rare chance that you aren’t satisfied with their product.

Phenocal Ingredients

Phenocal Ingredients

As mentioned earlier in this article, Phenocal uses no synthetic compounds. It is made of natural and safe ingredients, which in our opinion is what makes it one of the best weight loss supplements available today. For anyone curious about what is actually in Phenocal, take a look at the following list of ingredients:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green tea leaves work for weight loss much the same way that coffee does. Only, it is healthier than drinking coffee. It is loaded with catechins, antioxidants, and natural caffeine to raise your metabolic rate– making it easier for your body to burn fat when you exercise – and to provide you with a natural boost of energy.
  • 5 HTP – 5 HTP is an amino acid that synthesizes serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is associated with feelings of wellness and satisfaction. As far as weight loss goes, more serotonin leads to an increased feeling of fullness when you eat. This amino acid becomes very important because it can prevent you from overeating.
  • Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia gordonii is extracted from a succulent plant. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicines as an appetite suppressant. This plant is very fiber dense and its active compound, hoodia gordonii has been proven to promote a feeling of fullness which, again, means that you are less likely to overeat.
  • Cocoa Extract – Cocoa extract is beneficial for weight loss in a couple of ways. First of all, it provides more physical energy. And secondly, it inhibits fat storage.

How Phenocal Works?

Phenocal reviews written by people who have tried it mention that Phenocal started working for them in as little as 2 weeks. Of course, not everyone can expect that same time frame. Other reviews reported that noticeable results occurred after a month. But the encouraging thing about these reviews and how Phenocal works, in general, is that it does in fact work. While the time it takes to work seems to vary, one thing is common among all users: it works.

The Science Behind Phenocal

One thing that we liked about this product is that there is a wealth of data readily available regarding the ingredients. The makers didn’t include any dubious ingredients that haven’t been scientifically studied at great length.

Phenocal contains ingredients that increase the metabolic rate, helping your body to reach a state of thermogenesis – where you burn fat quicker. Some compounds in the formula increase energy levels, giving you a boost in performing physical activities. Also, some components curb appetite, making it easy for you to avoid snacking or even overeating.

How To Use Phenocal?

The recommended use for Phenocal is to take a total of 6 capsules per day. Take the first 3 in the morning and another set of 3 in the afternoon. It is best to use the product during the day.

What Is The Price And Are There Any Discounts For Bulk Orders?

On the official Phenocal website, you can choose from 3 different packages, and there are discounts when you order more than one bottle. Here is a breakdown of the prices for each package and how much you stand to save:

  • One Bottle – $44.85 (marked down from $74.99)
  • Three Bottles – $114.37 (you save about $110), plus free domestic shipping
  • Five Bottles – $179.40 (you save about $195), plus free domestic shipping

Where Can You Buy Phenocal? Is It Worth It?


You can get Phenocal from major online retail sites. And of course, you can buy it from the official Phenocal Store website. We would definitely say that this product is worth the money – especially if you intend to buy in bulk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the healthiest way to lose weight? – Diet and exercise are still the healthiest ways to lose weight. However, many people find regular exercise and diet unsustainable. A quality weight loss supplement can help maintain good diet and exercise habits more sustainably.
  • How to take Phenocal for better results? – One of the advantageous ways to get the most out of Phenocal is to take your second daily dose 30 minutes before you exercise. It will ensure that you have more than enough energy, and that your body is primed to burn as much fat as possible.

Bottom Line

If you are committed to losing weight the healthy way, Phenocal can make the process easier. It is a multi-function weight loss supplement that helps you control your food cravings, provides more energy, and gives your metabolism a boost.

Best of all, there are no side-effects. The bottom line is that this is a product that delivers on its promises. Be sure to try it if you are struggling to lose weight.


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