When it comes to listing down the busiest airports worldwide, then the name of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport cannot be skipped. They also serve as the primary hub of Delta Air Lines. You might be knowing that it comes among the largest airline hub comprising 1000 flights on regular basis to more than 200 domestic and international stops. Delta Airlines comes up with the focus of operating 199 routes from Atlanta airport from January, and it will include fifty-two flights (international). 

According to data by OAG (Official Airline Guide Online Air Guide), it delivers around 44,773 in total and beyond 1, 400 departures and arrival every day. So is this the main reason why Atlanta Airport comes on the list of busiest airports around the world? By September it is going to witness more traffic of passengers, and this would fill up the space for parking very speedily. After vaccination, now people are planning to explore travel destinations, it is possible to expect the busy parking view at ATL airport. And this definitely will raise inconvenience in the parking. 

There is more to add. Witnessing the drop in the traffic of daily passengers in 2021, due to persisting global pandemic problem i.e COVID-19, maximum voting has been done in the favor of ATL airport for efficiency in the 18th consecutive year by ATRS ( Air Transport Research Society) at present. It is important to note that ATL Airport is known to have garnered maximum passenger traffic in the world from 1998 to 2019. 

For those who love to travel around through airports that guarantee safety and efficiency to its big passenger volume, ATL airport indeed is the one to name. Carrying the capacity of 200K passengers going through Atlanta per day in the last year, you are smart enough to think how difficult it has become to find an empty space parking outside the airport. Now that does not mean that ATL will be having a shortage of parking spaces, no, it is not, but seeing the current situation you need to do prebooking to get there. 

Atl West Parking

Parking at Atlanta airport

At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, there is the availability of around thirty thousand parking spots. A provision of short-term or long-term parking is also being provided here. ATL airport provides independent spaces for parking lots for travelers be it for domestic or international. 

If you do not want to face parking issues at Atlanta airport becoming a headache for you, then please help yourself with advance booking. With that, you are at ease to experience a hassle-free air ride to the ATL airport. Also, you won’t find the need of circling around in finding your lucky parking spot. Now let us brief you about the 2 types of parking at ATL airport, beginning with:

Short-term parking at Atlanta airport

When it comes to short-term parking at Atlanta airport, then we must understand that it is the best for those who want to make it faster with parking in a short duration. Travelers who want to board a domestic flight can find the need of Hourly Parking lots (both North and South), ATL West parking, Daily Parking, Park-Ride, and Economy. These all come in short-term parking lots at ATL airport. 

Domestic: If you are going for North or South hour lots, then they are nearby to the entry point at terminals. This makes passengers convenient. The charges of these lots vary. Remember that for the first two hours, it would be $3, and if it exceeds three to six hours time, then charging would be $4, and for 6 hours, it will be $36. 

International: Now coming up to the other section of short-term parking, then it is divided into two parts – International Hourly and International Park Ride. They are applicable for travelers from international countries. Talking about the International Hourly lot, then it is nearby to check-in and arrivals covering parking space of around 1, 100. The fee structure remains the same as mentioned above. 

Long term parking lot

Long-term parking lots at Atlanta airport are also to facilitate the domestic travelers in the North and South of Hourly Parking, Economy, and Daily Parking. Focusing on the latter (Daily Parking), at the Hourly parking lot, the charges to be paid per day is $36, with an add-on charge for every added day. If you go for the long-term parking lot at the Daily Parking Lot, then the charging fee would be $19. 

But if you desire an affordable option for the ATL airport parking, then we would suggest you pick the Economy lot. It is best for domestic travelers, pricing just $14 per day. But again we would like to remind you that if you want to experience a safe parking slot, then please do advance parking reservations and avoid unnecessary hassles in your travel.

New parking plots at Atlanta airport

Atlanta airport has come up with two new parking lot facilities for its daily commuters via ATL West Parking and another ATL Select. This has helped in accommodation for the growing domestic passenger traffic. 

ATL West Parking lot: When it comes to rates of daily parking lots, then ATL West Parking will seem cheaper in contrary to Hourly Parking and Daily Parking lots. For every add-on day, you do parking in this lot, then be ready to pay the amount of $16 every day. 

ATL Select: Coming on to ATL Select, then it facilitates airport parking lots, both covered and uncovered in Atlanta. In the case of covered parking, you will be charged $3 for the first four hours. But after that, the price would be $14. Now the next is Uncovered parking lots. Here you will be charged $3 for the first three hours, and after that, it will enhance up to $10 each day. 

Park-Ride Lot C: Well earlier it was closed but in July, it got opened once again. In this parking lot, you will be charged $10 per day for every time you do parking. On the other side Lot A, it has been closed temporarily if not permanently. Hence what we advise to you do is while going to the ATL airport, do not forget to check the status of the parking lot at Atlanta airport. 


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