Is there hope for the Nurse Jackie season eight? This has been a big question after Nurse Jackie closed in 2015. Nurse Jackie is a drama that debuted in 2009 following a drug-addict nurse’s character under the emergency department in New York.

The show was based on Jackie trying to create a balance between her work life and various addictions. She faces multiple challenges as she attempts to create a tricky balance. In the final season, Jackie experiences challenges such as the All Saint’s Hospital’s closure and her rehabilitation process.

The abrupt ending of season 7

The ending of season 7 in 2015 was so abrupt. It was received and got great reviews with mixed reactions. It ends with scenes that make it difficult to predict what is coming next. Does she die or live? If she lives, what is the next set to be like?

In the final scene of season 7, Jackie surrenders to her addictions and goes into extreme consumption of street grade heroin. A hallucination of her leaving the hospital and goes for yoga in the times square crosses her mind. At the hospital, there is a party for its final day.

The show then ends up with Jackie collapsed after overdosing. Nurses and doctors rush to save her, and the viewers are left in suspense.

Nurse Jackie Season 8

Another alternate ending

Season 7 of Nurse Jackie ends with the world becoming unbearable for her. The hospital burns down accidentally, and she tries to rescue a patient handcuffed to a bed. After failing, she uses a basement window to escape. However, she runs away without letting her colleagues know that she is safe, making them conclude she died.

The two scenes that end the show leave questions to the viewers. Prediction of how season 8 will be is nearly impossible. Will she return when season 8 starts, or is there hope for season 8 now that the hospital got burnt?

Nurse Jackie season 8 cast

Among the actors all-through the series, Edie Falco, who has been the main actor, appeared in all the episodes and seasons. Zoey Barkow, Eddie Walzer, and Fitch appeared in all parts too. The show’s time for Jackie was intense and wild. She has had a rough time trying to balance her personality, which has become very difficult.

The executive producer Linda Wallem, Jackie’s real brother, makes Jackie enjoy the right moment. He has a kindhearted attitude that makes him the best to Jackie.

Nurse Jackie canceled

Towards the end of the 7th season, Jackie seems to be struggling with illness, pain, and addiction. Her fate is left to the viewers but could see high possibilities that it was the final episode. However, the ruling isn’t clear because the chances are still there to be season 8, which is ambiguous.

It is difficult for season 8 to continue while Edie Falco has already moved to the Avatar Sequels. It will be interesting to see that the show continues, but the future seems to have ended a long time ago.

Among the shows to be aired on Netflix, Nurse Jackie season 8 is canceled. Therefore, you can conclude that it may be back after some time, or it could be the end of it. Part of the reasons why the show ends is the spoilers in the last episode of season 7.

You could imagine how season 8 would be considering the fact season 7 ended on a high note. It had the best ending, which seasons eight could not be able to maintain it.

Nurse Jackie Season 8 will not be happening

An update that Netflix released in February 2017 indicated that season 8 would not be happening. The 7th season would mark the final. Nurse Jackie said a time had come for her to walk away.

Towards the end of the 7th episode, Nurse Jackie gets her professional license reinstated, but she overdoses herself. As she stumbles out of the bathroom, she collapses in the emergency room. The kind of addiction she has torn the characters apart.

Eddie proves to be a true lover to Jackie after paying a high price to rescue her. The last scene shows the couple together, and the looks at Jackie make her realize the love. She, however, realizes that her fiancé is also an addict to her passion. It is one of the reasons he chooses to cover up for her.

The combination of the thoughts as the series end shows that there be a continuation. Eddie concludes that Jackie was an addict, nurse, mother, friend, wife, and lover.


Nurse Jackie has been very interesting. However, the long-awaited season 8 won’t be happening. The ending of season 7 with the high end of the last episodes leads to a ruling that the next season is impossible.

The actions of the main actors make the shows ending instant and unpredictable. A


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