Who doesn’t like the growth of one’s business when the business starts giving positive feedback. Of course, everyone waits for it and enjoys this stage. Why not today introduce you to something that will make your business look way more professional and drive it to grow.

Since technology has taken over the world, why not work more smartly in business communications with its help? We are going to present before you our three favorite software for driving business growth. Stay with us and read every piece of this article. And you will be well acquainted with all of the online fax services.

  • CocoFax

CocoFax is the most reliable, secure, and well-protected online faxing service. It is currently used by several people worldwide, and guess what people benefit from and love its services. 


It has been ranked as a leader in the survey held by G2 (online fax software). They aim to provide user-friendly services with cost-effective packages. CocoFax is currently offering the best services and has a transparency policy of not charging any hidden costs.

online fax software

How does a business grow with this service?

While having the conventional method of faxing, one could only fax to a limited area, but faxing over the internet broadens the horizons of business communications. It not only allows you to fax from one corner to the other corner of the world. But also pave the path of your business. It depicts the professionalism and efficiency of the business runners. 

In the past, people used to wait for the documents to arrive by fax, then print them up and post them, which is time-consuming. But now, with CocoFax by your side, you can do all this work in seconds. And also, get a delivery report when your fax is delivered. It will not only help one’s business grow but will give peace of mind as well. 

Faxing without a fax machine

CocoFax has just dissolved the concept of having a fax machine as it allows faxing without a fax machine. Not only this, but it will enable you to fax at any place, even on the go. 

The user can fax can from his computer, pc, mobile phone, tablet, whatever electronic device he is convenient with. As CocoFax is compatible with all. By doing so, CocoFax offers considerable savings to the person using it. 

Faxing without a fax machine

There is no need to buy papers or send documents by post, also no time to be further wasted waiting for the documents to reach as all can be done within seconds over the internet.

Pricing and packages

CocoFax has covered all businesses and individual people by coming up with such premium and affordable packages. There is a range of packages to choose from. A person can go with the one which suits best to his needs. All the packages differ in the number of facilities, the number of pages, and their price.

A person can increase the number of pages by paying up a small amount. Above all, these packages cost less than the costs individuals and companies bear with conventional fax machines. You can also visit the official page of CocoFax to know more about it.

Security and protection

There is no comparison of the security and protection which CocoFax is providing its users with. It has all the high-tech security measures to prevent any sort of cybercrime. No third party can get access to the user’s data. Even biometric systems are launched for mobile applications. All in all, while trusting CocoFax for one’s business is a safe play.

2. mFax

mFax is another trustworthy application when it comes to online faxing. Since there are many applications available in the market, not all can be trusted. So having a trustworthy application is a stroke of luck.

mFax intends to make official work go paperless and help save the planet in this process. Further, who likes to be engaged with a lot of paperwork. The business means are proceeding at a much faster rate and are converting to digital platforms. So why stick with old standards and not convert to a digital platform. 


mFax is a great deal to have as it reduces infrastructure costs and helps you give farewell to clunky hardware and time-consuming conservations. It is not all mFax provides your company a new sense of working. 

Maximum Delivery

Faxing is thought to be the best business communication way if it is not providing the most satisfactory results, so what good is it? Many online faxing services use a single carrier and send both voice and fax. Still, when it comes to mFax, it uses a specific Tier-1 fax-optimized method to provide maximum delivery.

It reduces the chances of failure of delivery. As a result, the users can feel confident when having mFax at their service that their confidential data will reach its destination with the utmost protection.

3. HelloFax

HelloFax is a digital work platform providing businesses with online faxing solutions and electronic signatures. It has helped over 80,000 clients from around the world to do their business with modern means. 

HelloFax is one of the reliable online faxing methods to drive business growth. It has all the tools one needs to have for online faxing. It eventually allows the users to sync their data with the cloud, so it becomes more feasible for them to send, receive, or merely read the fax.

Easy and intuitive 

While having the HelloFax online faxing services, you don’t need to be worried about missing any fax or not knowing when it arrived as the fax arrives directly in the user’s inbox as a PDF. 

Sending a fax has become so much easier. Even the user can fax multiple people at a time and also can sign them digitally side by side. You can also edit it and preview it before sending it. Also, as soon as the fax is delivered, the user will receive a confirmation notification. 


We have presented before you the two favorite software for business growth. Now it is totally up to you which one you opt for. But keep in mind that these are the best in their work, so it will be a mere wastage of time to ignore these and look around. Anyways do let us know about your experience with this software as we are waiting for your feedback. 


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