So, you’re planning a move from NYC to Philadelphia? Well, join the club!

Lately, there has been a mass exodus of New Yorkers from The City that Never Sleeps. One of the biggest beneficiaries in terms of incomings has been – yup! – Philly.

Now, one of the biggest drivers of that exodus has been COVID-19 which hit New York harder than most cities.

What that did was accelerate a trend that had already been begun a few years prior, with the US Census noting that Philly had a net gain of 1,100 residents from NYC between 2014 and 2018.

Indeed, if you talk to most Queens, Brooklyn and/or Manhattan movers, they’ll tell you a lot of their interstate relocations involve movement from NYC to Philadelphia.

As businesses shut down and companies encouraged people to work from home – with many more laying off staff – many people figured moving to Philly (and other cities) could save them huge amounts of money – amounting to thousands of dollars each month if you factor in house rent, taxes, cost of living, just to mention some key aspects.

Not only that, but while employment opportunities across the board were stifled during the pandemic, Philadelphia generally presents a rosier outlook for job hunters.

Besides that, a number of New Yorkers have some type of connection with Philly – family, friends, college or job.

These reasons combined help explain the high migration rate from New York to The Birthplace of America.

If you’re one of the many planning to pull up stakes in New York in favor of Philadelphia, here are 5 tips you need to know.

NYC to Philadelphia

  • A car isn’t a necessity

As a New Yorker, you already know there is little benefit to having a car for day-to-day use in NYC as it’s more of an inconvenience. In Philly, you don’t necessarily need a car either, so if you’re one of the 55% of NYC residents who don’t own a car, then that should come as welcome news.

However, what’s worth noting here is that you won’t be driving in Philly, at least make sure to settle for neighborhoods in close proximity to public transport which has been made easier by the Southeastern Transportation Authority (STA) which offers one of the best commuter rail, bus and trolley systems in the nation.

Cycling is also big in Philly, and the city is one of the top 5 most walkable in the US.

  • Housing and cost of living savings are immense

What will impress you most about relocating to Philly are the significant cost savings you stand to make. So big is the disparity between the two cities that this alone can be serious reason to convince you to pack your bags and move the following month.

Housing – the highest cost of living – is a staggering 77.5% lower in Philadelphia than in New York City, according to the Best Places cost of living index. Homebuyers can expect to save a whopping $527,100 while renters can expect monthly savings of around $856 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Expect savings in other areas as well – utilities (28% less), transportation (21.6% less), food and groceries (12.1% less) and more.

  • Expect lower wages for equivalent work

That’s right, when you move you move to Philly, you’ll most likely bring in lower revenue than in NYC for equivalent work.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind our previous point: this is offset by the significantly lower cost of living, so it’s not like you’ll be in worse shape in Philly, pocket-wise.

With a dollar stretching further here than in New York City, you’ll most likely find yourself with a higher net revenue when all is said and done.

  • Employment opportunities are higher in the education sector

Philly is technically what you would call a college town.

Fun fact: It has the highest concentration of higher education institutions per capita in the country.

With north of 100 colleges and universities in and around Philadelphia, it’s easy to see why the education sector presents one of the best opportunities when it comes to employment.

Thus, if this is your area of specialization, moving to Philly gives you not just more employment opportunities, but options as well.

Other top industries include:

  • Retail trade
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Food and accommodation services
  • Scientific, technical and professional services
  • Prep for the move in advance

The details about the city aside, another tip worth sharing is the need to prepare for the move early.

Despite the proximity to each other, moving from NYC to Philadelphia still constitutes an interstate move, and so needs to be planned and prepared for as necessary.

From booking an interstate moving company months in advance, to doing your packing weeks ahead of time, prepping for your move soon as you make the decision to move will make your move less stressful.

We want to assume you’ve already taken time to scope out a nice neighborhood depending on your budget, preferences and needs, let alone the house? Haven’t you?


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