The year 2022 has been bringing a new marketing game for brick-and-mortar stores. People have learned to cope with pandemic restrictions and adapted to the new normal. Regardless of the number of Covid-19 cases, people have somehow established their routines in buying supplies. People are increasingly shopping online more than ever before and this has also led to a rise in package delivery issues like USPS lost package. An easy solution is to send package deliveries to safe shipping addresses like Stowfly.

Businesses have learned to cope with the lockdowns by transitioning into ecommerce and online marketing. However, the rising competition in the online market prompts owners to venture back into the physical store to target well-adjusted people, who are ready to buy again at the stores.  

Businesses are returning to the brick-and-mortar method or combining online and offline marketing strategies to drive sales. Let’s discuss the reasons physical stores are making a comeback.

Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS) Works Well with Nearby Loyal Customers

The pandemic has put people closer together in the community, and members rely on local shops to buy their daily supplies. So if people are familiar with your physical store, they can track your online shop and order. 

However, since the location is near, they can just pick up the item at the shop or via the drive-through window. You can give loyalty rewards cards to frequent customers or discount vouchers for repeat orders to send appreciation the your community members. This technique helps boost brand loyalty at a lower cost. 

BOPIS is a hybrid of digital and traditional marketing. As people have established their routines by now, they can manage to stop by physical stores after sorting out what items to buy via their mobile phones. According to, many businesses can unlock new opportunities for sales and customer engagement by using a hybrid model that pairs physical-store and online shopping.

Return-and-exchange Items Are Easier to Manage

Most ecommerce store owners experience the time-consuming process of returns and exchanges. Items will take a long time to reach the store and the customer for a return-and-exchange process. 

Some customers cannot really zero in on what they want and struggle sorting through the pictures online. The best shopping method for this group is physical store viewing. For example, even choosing the best color of a cardigan can be challenging for a customer if they do not try it on at the store.

Business owners who have succeeded in online selling will find themselves facing the need for a physical store to manage returns and exchanges more efficiently. If you have your own storage room and display area, customers can simply come into your shop and replace the item with what they want in the room. 

Physical stores provide bigger space and avenues for business owners who want a quick turnover of stocks to compute revenue faster. 

Partnership Opportunities Abound with a Physical Store

There are more opportunities for business partnerships when you have a physical store; prospects can just walk in and examine your products and services. You can bring up opportunities while you are having a good conversation with a like-minded business person. 

When prospects actually see your items, they can visualize whether a potential partnership is feasible. Events inside your store can be a conversation starter for possible collaboration or joint projects. Even the custom packaging of a product can get the attention of a potential business partner.

The physical store can also be a meeting place for business owners. Ideas for joint ventures can come up while trying out products or services. Opportunities abound when people can actually touch, smell, and experience the product you are selling.

Customers Want to Feel, Try, and See the Items in Person

Customers like to try on clothes that they want to buy. The feel, the touch, and the actual look of the garment on the body can help them decide. Businesses that sell home furniture, shoes, bags, and accessories understand that customers need to see the pieces before making a final decision. 

Wise customers do not want to make mistakes when buying expensive products. For home appliances, for instance, they want to make sure these are working properly. Although virtual reality can do an alternative trick, the deciding factors do not include the sense of touch. 

Moreover, some customers end up buying extra items on top of the products they intend to buy as they walk around the store. This is an excellent opportunity for the store owner to promote other products that the customers might like. They can immerse the customers in their brand culture, which can help create lasting impressions.

Final Words

Opening up a physical store is as exciting as going back to the good old days. If you see the need to accommodate your online customers in a formal place like a physical store, then looking for a store space is your next agenda. If your business sells luxury products or services, creating an excellent customer experience is inevitable for you through a physical store. 

You can do many things if you have a physical store for your ecommerce business. You can always integrate online and offline marketing strategies and develop a unified sales system for your business. You can also conduct free market research on your customers’ habits and preferences if you have a physical store.


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