For those in love with anime shows with the flavor of comedy, then Monster Musume comes as one such best pick for entertainment with mature content in Japan. It showcases a student from Japan, and how his life takes a turn when he gets into an inter-species cultural exchange. The anime show has been successful in amassing a good viewership and is expected to return with its second installment with new episodes. 

Where Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is the person behind the writing of the script, the credit of direction goes to Tatsuya Yoshihara. The anime series is the adaptation of original manga comic series of a similar name. The writing and illustration of this Japanese manga series have been credited to Takemaru Inui that was published in 2012 on 19th March for the first time. 

After 3 years since its first publication, it was decided to come up with an anime TV series of the same manga novel, and so the premiere of the first season came in 2015 on 8th July. Lerche, the Japanese anime studio aired the series first season on multiple television networks including KBS and Tokyo MX. 

Ever since it was released it has greatly impressed the anime fans, who just cannot wait longer to see the release of the second season of Monster Musume on their screens. If you are also among them, who is hoping for the same, then let us find out whether it is going to hit the viewers’ screen soon or do we have to wait for more time. 

Show Details 

Anime series: Monster Musume
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, and Romantic comedy
Directed by: Tatsuya Yoshihara
Written by: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Place: Japan
Original network: AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, BS11
Original release: 7 July 2015 – 22 September 2015
Number of seasons: 1
Running time: 12

Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date

Story plot

The story of Monster Musume comes with a standout story plot. In this anime series, it is shown about the revelation of the existing life of mythical creatures that include mermaids, lamias, centaurs, and harpies by the government of Japan which kept it as a secret for many years. But now after 3 years, the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act has been passed, resulting in the existence of these weird species getting familiar with the human world. 

Since that time, mythical beings have been living in the society of the human race. Both are making efforts in getting to know each other living lifestyles. After the passing of the Act, there has been a remarkable improvement in the behavior of mythical species, like they have been going to universities, leading a life like ordinary families, and incorporating with the society of humans in common. 

However, the story mainly showcases the adventures and misadventures of a character named Kimihiti Kurusu. His parents have settled abroad. Even though the culture between humans and monsters have been legally exchanged, Kimihito lived an odd life and is not in support of a volunteering exchange program between the two different class of species. 

But there comes a twist when the odd life of Kimihito takes a new turn, and that is followed by an error committed from the side of Agent Smith an interspecies exchange coordinator that results in Lamia being sent to the house doorstep of Kimihito. When the boy opens the door, he finds Miia in a trembling and awkward state. The latter being kind-hearted could not disappoint her. Hence, he lets her in. But very soon he witnesses more female monsters appearing at his doorstep and becoming his roommates. 

Erotic desires

With the entrance of young female monsters, it leads to erotic desires and physical attraction between them and boy Kimihito. And even though he feels the boiling of hormonal rage in him, still, he tries hard to abstain from breeding with interspecies. Because of this, Kimihito develops a plan of complex association with Miia and other female monster flatmates, intending to check his desires. 

Getting married to a monster girl

Well, while going with his route out plan, Kimihito faces a new challenge in his life. Knowing the possible change in the law dealing with the inter-personal bonding of humans with monsters, Kimihito now has to go for another test. And this time, he has to choose among the monster girls to marry. And this results in brewing competition between the monster girls all trying hard to achieve the love of Kimihito. 

About the characters

Kimihito Kurusu

Kimihito Kurusu is the main leading character of the Monster Musume anime series. As you have known by the story plot, he is a young boy whose parents live abroad. Hence, it is understood that Kimihito makes his living by staying alone and doing a part-time job. As a human being, he appears very kind at heart, and this is reflected when he allows a Miia, a gorgeous looking lamia with whom he experiences a new life. But his life takes a new twist with the arrival of more non-human girls to his doorstep. 


Miia is another main character who is a lamia, appearing to be half snake and half-human. This non-human species starts living with Kimihito. Even though she seems very beautiful, innocent, sweet, and unworried, she gets much emotional at the time of her sleep. Besides this, when someone touches the tip of her tail, she feels ticklish. And this is what Kimihito does to escape himself from her clutches. 


She is also a non-human species character who also lives with the main protagonist Kimihito. Unlike Miia, Papi appears as a half-bird and half-human. Despite her flirtatious attempts, she is unable to make Kimihito understand what she wants to convey. 

Centorea Shianus

Centorea Shianus is also a female monster as half human and half horse. When she meets Kimihito, she gets much into him. To get his attention, she shows her possessive side for him and envies Miia and Papi when they try to get close to Kimihito.

When to expect the second season of Monster Musume?

After the first season, it is understood that fans would be expecting the early release of the second season of Monster Musume. However, we are sorry to disappoint you it is not hitting the screens sooner, as it has been postponed due to persisting global pandemic COVID-19. 


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