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Making The Right Personal Injury Lawyer Call: What You Should Know

Indeed, any personal injury lawyer could get you results – either good or bad. But, do you want “any result”?


You desire the best lawyers. Because they can get you the fairest compensation there is for any accident.

Good news: we can help you get such representation. See the guide you should follow to make the right call below:

5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Base Of Operation

Stay away from multipurpose lawyers. That’s not saying they are poor at personal injury cases. No!

Nonetheless, it is wise that you get an attorney who breathes injury and accident cases. A specialist that does nothing outside solving issues similar to yours!

Perhaps you ask: why?

When you hire a specialist, you get faster results. Imagine a lawyer that solves cases of the same nature day in day out. He already has a routine for quick and calculated responses.

Or who would you choose between a firm like Will Ferguson & Associates with over three decades of solving personal injury cases or a general law firm with the same years of experience?


To differentiate a rookie from an expert injury lawyer, you should consider their credentials. What law school did they attend? What skills do they have?

Beyond skills and certificates, what work have they completed? What are the success rates?

When you ask those questions, you should also take note of the injury lawyer’s response. How do they react?

Generally, an expert shouldn’t find your research worrying. Instead, he would use that as an opportunity to explain his expertise and experience.

Take Will Ferguson & Associates as an example. They would even go beyond explanations and share reviews from previous and current customers.

Trial Experience

Don’t stop at qualifications and the standard personal injury lawyer requirements. Instead, probe further to inquire about an attorney’s trial experience.

Perhaps all your choice lawyer does is accept settlements. What happens if the case goes to trial? Can the attorney even handle litigation?

Indeed, trial experience isn’t standard for injury lawyers. But you never can tell the stunt the offenders or insurance company might pull. For that reason, you need to hire someone who can hold their own in a courtroom.


The fee structure is another factor you should consider. Can you afford your choice injury attorney? What is their contingency-fee system?

At Will Ferguson & Associates, as an example, there is no retainer fee. In other words, you won’t pay upfront charges. Instead, you will pay a percentage of your compensation only when you win the case.

If your choice attorney does not offer such, you could ask about their plan and see if it meets your budget.


Your end goal of hiring a personal injury lawyer should be about comfort. Else, you could easily do a pro se plaintiff.

So, ensure that the firm you hire has a smooth process. In the case of accidents, will they come to you as soon as you call them? Or do you have to be the one to go to them even with your injuries?

One last thing: make sure all your medical records are up to date. Don’t know which?

Find more information about that here: