Did you know that more than 3 million children are getting hurt at home each year?

Kids spend almost 90% of their time indoors. That’s why parents are strongly encouraged to keep their houses safe and healthy at all times. Fortunately, these goals can be conveniently achieved by seeking advice from experts when needed. Limestone Properties says you can also make your home safe by doing the following:

Get rid of potential health hazards

Some important health hazards that might be present at home but you don’t know of is the harmful asbestos used for fireproofing and insulation, wall paints with high lead content or high level of carbon monoxide inside the house. Given that these hazards are not easily detected, make sure to have your home inspected by experts.

Hire the services of a company that specialises in conducting the appropriate inspections and handling the corresponding corrections. Make sure that the asbestos is removed by the asbestos removal experts and the hazardous paints replaced with the lead-free version. For best results, go for a company with extensive experience and know-how in helping you get rid of health hazards at home.

Keep the house clean

A clean house is an ideal place for kids to stay for hours. It allows them to have a haven to play and do things they usually do. To keep the house safe for kids, remove all the items that could be hazardous to them. These include all the objects classified as choking hazards, poisonous substances and open outlets that could get them electrocuted.

Make sure to place all the small objects in containers that the kids cannot open easily and have these stowed in a safe place. Also, keep all poisonous substances in cabinets or in a stockroom that you can lock. In addition, you should also consider having all the open outlets covered with the applicable covers. To keep the kids healthy, always keep the house clean and free from allergens and irritants.

Keep the house clean

Protect your kids against scalding

Kids are naturally curious creatures. They keep on exploring their surroundings to discover and learn new things. This makes them prone to injuries, and one of the most common is scalding.

Most kids who are easily attracted to hot objects could accidentally get burned. To protect your kids from scalds and burns, avoid serving them with hot liquids and keep all heat-producing devices in the house in secured areas.

Furthermore, ensure that the water heater installation is done with child safety in mind. Go for water heaters that allow you to lock the water temperature safely so the kids cannot alter this. So, whenever they take a bath or play in the bathtub, they are protected against scalding.

Make your house fire ready

According to experts, kids aged five and below are more prone to die due to residential fires. This is because escaping on their own is hard for them. So, to address this problem, install smoke alarms in strategic places inside the house, including the basement and especially in areas frequented by kids. Remember to test these alarms regularly to ensure that they will work when the need arises.

Aside from smoke alarms, it is best to arm your house with multi-purpose fire extinguishers. Remember to place fire extinguishers for every 600 square feet of living space and teach the other house occupants the proper ways to use them.

Get rid of all the house pests

Common house pests, such as mice, ants and cockroaches, are annoying. They also pose a serious health threat to the kids and the rest of the household members. Thus, it would be best to look for ways to get rid of all these.

To achieve the best results, hire the services of a professional and reliable pest control company. Choose a company that specialises in getting rid of all types of house pests, so you’ll be able to resolve the entire problem in one go.


Making your house clean and safe for the kids is among your major responsibilities as a parent. But because handling this responsibility might not be easy, do not hesitate to seek advice from experts. This will help you achieve the desired outcomes conveniently and effectively.


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