First job? First networking event? First job interview? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It can be a nerve-wracking thing, going into either of these three situations. The last thing you want to worry about is how you look, or how you present yourself.

To prevent this, beforehand give it a little bit of practice. Know how to make yourself remembered before you go in. That way you won’t be stressed about it on the day.

Always begin positively

You could’ve had the worst journey getting there. Your train has been delayed, there are no Ubers available and you’ve dropped coffee all down your nice clean shirt. No matter how badly your day has gone so far, leave it at the door.

Don’t bring it into the interview or event with you. This will always start you off badly. Your first few words to people may be the ones that are remembered, so make sure that they leave a good impression and are positive. You’ll probably just be introducing yourselves, but even so, make sure you remain upbeat and remember to smile.

Dress appropriately, but with a hint of colour

The common thing to do when doing an interview or taking part in a networking event is to don your best black suit, or black skirt and blouse. It’s okay to do this, however, add a little pop of colour into your outfit, like a red tie or a yellow heel. It’s a really easy way of getting yourself remembered. They may even refer to you as the woman with the yellow heel. It’s a simple thing you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Dress codes can vary depending on the event you’re attending, so make sure to check beforehand the appropriate dress for it. For example, it’s never a good idea to go super formal to an event like a coffee morning.

Remember names

This is one of the easiest things you can do to show the other person that you were listening to them, and that you care about what they are saying. If you’re attending a networking event, you will most likely have time to pause for a minute and jot the person you’ve been speaking to name down. Also don’t be afraid to ask for other details, like their job title, email address and how they entered the IT world.

Ask questions

You’re in an interview and you’ve finally got to the end of it. You may feel relieved. But wait, there’s one more question. ‘Do you have any other questions?’ The temptation here is to just state no. By this point, you’re probably more than ready to leave the interview room.

However, it’s important to always ask a question, no matter how mundane it may be. It’s better to ask one question than none too. Asking a question will help you gain more clarity on something, and will also help the interviewer know you’ve been listening. It may be as simple as ‘what time do you start here?’

Speak about your own experience

How are people supposed to know how talented you are if you don’t talk about it? Although you should use this time to listen, it’s also a good opportunity to talk too. Before you attend an interview or networking event, make sure that you have some knowledge of IT.

Even if you’re a beginner, there are online courses you can take to ensure that you are equipped for the event. If you have any other previous experience, slip it into the conversation. People will remember your hard skills.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Whether you’re only just embarking on your adventure into the IT world, or whether you’re a seasoned professional, there are lots of opportunities to meet with others in the industry. If you can, find the person who has your dream job.

Chat to them about how they got there, and what they would recommend you doing now to achieve it. You never know, having a conversation with one individual could end up opening multiple doors for both you, and your blossoming career. All that’s left to do is wish you good luck!


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