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Maintenance of Outdoor Gas Lamps: Dos and Don’Ts

Gas lamps remind us of the old times. They are usually associated with the elegance of New England or New Orleans. A magnifying atmosphere that amazes everyone around is guaranteed once you install outdoor gas lamps. By the way, you don’t need to do this on your own. You may want to turn to professionals from handykith.com.

The Benefits of Outdoor Gas Lamps

While modern outdoor lighting is all about using electricity, natural light sources never grow old. Style and elegance are complemented with modern conveniences. Gas lamps are as safe as conventional lighting. It’s widely used around the globe. For example, until now, there are 1,500 gas lamps in London. Moreover, they are widely used in Disneyland. So, if it’s safe to use them in a theme park, it’s safe to use them in private houses.

Modern gas lanterns are easy-to-use. You can adjust the flame’s height and even set up a timer or switch in the house in order to control the light. There is an automatic shut-off that is activated if the flame goes out. All in all, modern gas lamps are equipped with all the necessary features that ensure safety.

Large outdoor gas lights outperform conventional ones in areas where there are a lot of insects. They merely don’t attract them. Thus, you can rest outdoors, and no irritating insects will disturb your peace. This is a nice benefit, especially during warm summer nights. 

Specialists, like those from Handy Kith, can help to implement all your outdoor lighting ideas. If you make a decision in favor of gas lighting, you should be aware of what to do and what not to do. 

Maintenance of Outdoor Gas Lamps

Outdoor Gas Lamps: Do’s

Before we move to the maintenance tips, let’s clarify one thing. It’s advisable to turn to a professional for gas lamp post installation. You should turn to a plumber’s services, not an electrician’s. Other vendors who can help are HVAC providers and professional gas lighting specialists. Usually, you will find one at retail stores that sell gas products. Such organizations typically have a service department with certified specialists.

Here is a list of things-to-do if you choose gas as your garden lighting:

  • Light the lighter or strike a match only when you turn off the safety valve.
  • Follow traditional rules once you smell gas. It means that you must turn off the main gas flow immediately, open windows if the gas leakage happens indoors, extinguish open flames, call the emergency line.
  • Remove debris and clean glass two times a year. This enhances airflow and overall performance. 

Here are tips for those who have gas mantles:

  • You need to replace them a minimum one time a year. 
  • Replace gas mantles immediately if they are no longer fully intact.
  • It’s advisable to use authentic hard mantles. They are known to live longer, provide more light, keep shape longer. Therefore, they are much better than soft mantles.
  • Gas lines should be blown out every year. This guarantees proper natural light supply. 

Here are tips for open flame gas lamps:

  • The burner tip should be cleaned a minimum two times per year.
  • Remove debris. Use a wire brush. Another idea is to use fine dental floss.
  • Insert a screwdriver through the valve access hole in the collar of the lamp or a flat head tool to adjust the flame.
  • Keep in mind that the ideal flame height is 1.5 – 2 inches.
  • Always turn the valve slowly. Otherwise, the flame may extinguish. 
  • Turn off the valve and follow the re-lighting instructions in case the fire extinguishes.

Outdoor Gas Lamps Don’ts

Here is what you shouldn’tdo with gas lamps:

  • Don’t touch them when the light is on. Gas lanterns always get warm when the fire is on.
  • You mustn’t use or store gasoline, as well as any flammable liquid or vapor, next to the gas lantern. 
  • Avoid setting the flame in a gas lamp too high. This can lead to a lot of soot. It’s better to adhere to standard flame height – 1.5-2 inches.
  • Don’t open the valve too far. Otherwise, it can lead to an air pocket between the bottom of a flame and the burner tip. This shows the potential to cause frequent blowouts. The best position of the gas valve is from 50 to 75% open. 
  • Don’t turn the valve very far or very fast. The flame can extinguish. 

As you can see, the maintenance of gas light is not hard. You can easily exchange your outdoor string lighting for gas lanterns. Although they require more time and effort, the result is definitely worth it. You can enjoy a nice evening on a terrace that is lighted with a soft flame. What are your favorite trends in terms of outdoor lighting in 2020?