If you are a Korean drama fan and love to watch love dramas, then Love Alarm 2 is a must-watch for you. Love Alarm 1.0 is a romantic story that revolves around a Love app where people are notified by the mobile app when someone who loves them comes close to them. The main lead Jojo experiences love with the help of the app all the while dealing with the problems of teenage life.

The storyline of the Love Alarm is based on a story webtoon written by Cheon Kye-young. It is called the Joahamyun Woolrineun. It was first published and became popular in 2014. The first season of Love Alarm had been very successful and ran a full course of 8 episodes.

Another interesting plot twist is the murder mystery involved in this season. You don’t just get the usual Love Alarm ringing or the protective shield installation in this season, but also get to know about the past of Jojo, mass suicidal attempt, the way she lost her family, and a serial killer waiting to be uncovered, which may or may not be caused by Jojo herself.

Love Alarm Season 2 gets more and more exciting!

Love Alarm 2 becomes all the more exciting and has a lot of twists in the plot. This series is all about the updated version of the Love Alarm App i.e. Version 2.0.

The updated version of the app not just tells you who loves you but also tells you about the potential people who may like you in the future. Most people are now using the Love Alarm App to find the loves of their lives as well as to date.

The Love Alarm 2.0 application shows you 2 lists on the app. The first list shows the people you love and you can ring their love alarm with your love. The second list shows people whom you like or people who have the potential to like you in the future. The story revolves around the main lead Jojo, Lee Hye-Yeong, and Hwang Sun-Oh.

We find out that Hwang Sun-Oh loves Jojo but eventually dumps her because his love alarm is not sounded/ringed by her. He thought that Jojo didn’t like him and thus he dumps her.

Love Alarm Season 2 Twists

The Inner Turmoil Jojo Feels!

We already know that Jojo is trying to protect her heart and even though she has feelings she tries to tightly bound them in her heart not open to anybody. In the final episode of Love Alarm 1.0, we see that Hye Yeong tells Jojo what it really means to love someone.

In this season, we see that Jojo starts to get curious about her own feelings and Love. She is facing inner turmoil but the protective shield she has created around her heart is starting to melt with the love and ion she is getting from Hye Yeong.

Although her inner fears regarding her feelings are still on the overpowering side, she wants to experience the thing called love and is in an inner dilemma about removing the protective shield.

As Jojo tries to get rid of her protective shield, she comes to know that the real genius behind the updates and making of The Love alarm App is Duk-gu (Lee Jae-Yeon) who is the younger brother of Brian Jeong.

Brian Jeong is the face of the Love Alar application and also the CTO. However, he is not the one who has come up with the concept nor the one who has actually made the app. It’s all done by his younger brother Duk-gu.

Hwang Sun-Oh and Lee Yuk Jo

In the background, we see that Sun-Oh after dumping Jojo is in a dating relationship with Lee Yuk Jo which is played by Kim Si Eun. Although she loves him desperately she cannot get Sun-Oh t ring her alarm.

She is heartbroken and feels that Sun-Oh hasn’t gotten over Jojo Yet and that he still lover Jojo only. He tries very hard to get him to get over Jojo and love her i.e. Lee Yuk Jo.

Who is Serial Killer and What is his Story

You might remember that Jojo was approached by a strange-looking man who tells her that he knows that she is the creator of the “Ringing World” journal.

He tries to approach her a second time but this time is arrested by the police. We get to know in hindsight that he is actually the Serial Killer who is murdering the victims. He does so by ringing their alarm in the Love Alarm App, approaching them, and then killing them.

It is also revealed there was a mass suicide of people who didn’t feel loved because no one was ringing their app. The serial killer was the sole survivor of that mass suicide and was inspired to murder and kill people by the art journal Ringing World created by Jojo.

His suicide and lack of love show him to be a psychopath and have a mental imbalance. After the arrest of the serial killer, Jojo explains to the police how the art journal Ringing World is just a piece of art and is not a plan to follow for any serial killer.

Who is the one true love of Jojo

To tie up the loose ends of her past relationship with Sun-Oh, Jojo meets up with him. It is a very intense scene when she tells him that his love alarm didn’t ring because she had installed the protective shield in her app.

Sun-Oh wants to know whether she installed the shield because she loved him and to this, she replies in affirmative. This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season and leaves the viewers in turmoil and tears.

Finally, with a lot of arguments, fights, emotions, and even a forced kiss, they come to a mutual agreement and finally move on from each other. Both find closure for their feelings and although it will take some time for the scars to heal, they are ready to move on with their lives.

Jojo doesn’t just go to Hyo-Yeong after sorting things out with Sun-Oh. First, she goes on a journey of self-discovery by running a marathon. She finally sheds the weight of her past, the sole survivor of a family suicide as a child and her self-loathing.

She finally opens herself to love and affection. She reciprocates the feelings of Hyo-Yeong. Jojo finds her true love in Hyo-Yeong.


If you are a Korean drama fan and love romance, thrill, murder mystery, then Love Alarm 2.0 is there for you. The finale episode tells you more exciting things about Duk-gu and hints at a new season in the making.


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