Any contemporary person wants to look attractive and exude confidence. To do so, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends, focus on the wardrobe and pay attention to the details. The way you dress and titivate defines your personality – it is an apt illustration of how you express yourself. If your main goal is to look elegant and classy, these 5 easy tips will help you to achieve the desired result.

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Let’s start with the definition – when we’re talking about a capsule wardrobe, we mean a selection of clothing elements that can be used interchangeably to complement each other. As for classy outfits, you can get neutral-colored tank tops, jackets, coats, pants, dresses, and other elements you find stunning.

It even makes sense to get the same clothes in various colors to maximize the number of outfits you can come up with. One day, you’re wearing a black suit with a white tank top. The next day you can go for the same combination but in other tones. This is how it works – it is best when you can easily match the same elements differently.

2. Focus on Accessories

Similar to a wardrobe, you can come up with a capsule accessory box – pick out basic accessories, such as sets of neutral gold and silver earrings, bracelets, and lockets. For special circumstances, get more creative stuff, such as massive jewelry.

In case you’re going to a theater performance and want to wear an elegant black dress, a shiny chunky necklace will perfectly complete an outfit. Another excellent thing that will bring it to a whole new level is eyeglasses. If you’re a person with good taste who strives to make a fashion statement, take a look at Oliver Peoples selection of specs. They design the most eye-catching eyewear and craft it from the highest-grade materials providing both comfort and a stylish look.

3. Shoes Make a Difference

A person who’s ready for enhancements should not neglect the shoes – they can either mess up the whole outfit or make it 100 times better. Once more: if you’re just at a starting point for sprucing up your wardrobe, stick to neutral colors for starters, and once you do this, it’s good to go for more daring decisions. Among shoe models that are worth considering, designers usually point out almond pumps, slide sandals, strappy low sandals, knee-high boots, and thin high heels. Each of them will guarantee a sophisticated outfit as a result.

4. Do Hairstyles Matter?

To look polished and classy, there’s a need to focus on your hair – clothing sets and hairstyles always depend on each other which makes it extremely important to pay attention to this aspect of dressing up too. The main thing is to keep your head well-groomed. For voguish looks, you can come up with perfectly straight hair, stunning curls, or a neat sleek low bun. Besides, the last one is a great match to lots of accessories because it gives way to eyeglasses and jewelry – they become the first thing that strikes the eye.

5. Mind the Makeup

Once you’re done with clothes, accessories, shoes, and hair, it’s time to get to the last point – makeup. The general advice is to not be overzealous about it. If you’re looking for daily makeup, focus on eyeshadows and lipsticks of nude tones – they will accentuate your facial features just fine. Also, you can do a winged eyeliner to highlight the eyes. If you’re wondering what works for special occasions, then do the same things but add an accent – seductive red lips or smokey eyes, for instance.

We truly hope that these 5 fashion tips will come in handy for every modern person that follows fashion and wants to stick to a classy style. Go ahead! Come up with a capsule wardrobe and combine its elements with stunning accessories and shoes. Get your hair done, deal with the makeup, and become a sight for sore eyes.


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