Christmas Lanterns

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Lightening Up the Holidays

Summer has come and passed and as the weather grows colder and the night grows longer. We all see the signs of winter fast approaching and what is the colder wintery season without Christmas.

Christmas is a highly anticipated highlight of the year and what better way to get into the festive mood than with Christmas lights. Although a simple task, it can prove to be quite daunting when you realize the different types of Christmas lights available. Here is a quite run through of lights for decorators such as yourself during the Christmas season.

Wire Frame Displays

Wire Frames are schematic diagrams or blueprints consisting of a series of lights. The lights are formed together to form a figure of something. In Christmas this usually comes in the shape of reindeers, stars, Santa clause and elves. They also come in various shapes and sizes making versatile decorative light choice.

These types of Christmas lights are the pricier variants of available lights and for good reason. They’re very eye catching and when placed together can form a picturesque scene. If you’re willing to put in the investment, these types of lights would be perfect in every year. The decoration can be used next year too as these things are usually durable to last quite a while.

Christmas Lanterns

A cheaper alternative to wire frame displays which are just as attractive are Christmas lanterns. They come in many shapes and forms usually decorated with Christmas theme adornments such as red ribbons, mistletoe and Christmas tree balls. In some places you can even find ones in the shape of the star. The light inside can be made with a light bulb or candle shaped light bulbs where the candle’s flame serves as the light bulb.

They’re simple and cheap alternative to wire frame display but give just about the same Christmas energy with them. They can also be used to decorate alongside wire frames or inside your home to give that extra festive touch.

String Lights


What’s a buying guide without the most common type of Christmas lights. String lights are the most common way to light up your home during the season. It is the cheapest and highly versatile with how you can use it. String lights can come in many colors and variants. Some come in a single color and others come in a myriad of colors.

If you’re willing to put in the effort to try to decorate your house with one here are some ideas on how to decorate your house using string lights just to show how versatile this type of light for decorators is.

  • Outline your home with string lights

A simple yet effective method to make your house look cheerful and very festive at night. Simply just outline your home using string lights so that it would be visible across anywhere. Single color string lights work the best here like white and yellow as they’re light and pleasing to the eyes at night.

  • Use nearby plants and bushes to make them glow at night

Similar to the idea of a Christmas but rather than completely surrounding the plant with string lights, it would be better to tastefully place the lights going outward from the bush. Colors like blue or red would be best for this as it makes the plant stand out and more appealing. It is also healthier for the plant than being surrounding by lights.

  • Outdoor Trees

Even if you might already have a tree available indoors, it is not a bad idea to wrap the trees outside with string life to give them a sense of life in the cold weather. The outline it’ll create is a bonus for decorations.

Last modified: September 13, 2021