There is no doubt most people want to live long, prosperous and healthy lives. However, several factors significantly determine how well or healthy you live. From the social-economic status of income, education, and safety to personal choices of food and weight, exercise, sleep, stress level, and alcohol consumption.

Unfortunately, most of the choices you make may end up winding sufferings that you could have avoided. So, it would help if you adopt healthy lifestyle changes that would positively impact your health and reduce the risk of diseases or infections, and injuries.

While adopting changes is always easier said than done. Sometimes, breaking your old and wrong lifestyles may prove a daunting process. But, you’re lucky to be reading this article because we have broken down the habits into simple baby steps that are more realistic and encouraging for a better life.

So, here are the simple lifestyle habits to adopt for a brighter and healthier life:

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet would mean you eat various foods that would provide your body with different nutrients it needs for growth, energy, and protection against certain diseases. So ensure you include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, salt, and minerals.

Also, have in mind the adverse effects of poor nutrition on your life. It can impair your daily life, reducing your ability to lead an active, healthy life. And in most cases, poor nutrition has resulted in a risk of diseases like obesity or being overweight, heart diseases, high blood pressure, among others.

Maintain a healthy diet

Therefore, to lead a healthy life, ensure you eliminate certain foods like highly processed foods and snacks such as cakes, sugar cereals, and cookies. This is because they tend to be low in nutrients. Also, reduce your flour-based items like bread and pasta intake. And to better your life, introduce plenty of leafy green fruits and vegetables and high-quality fats such as avocados and olive oils.

In short, adopt the proper food intake and forgo the unhealthy foods that would increase your chances of infections lowering your life expectancy. Thus, always remember that you need a fair and adequate diet for a better, healthier life. 

Improve your physical activities

Exercise is another pillar of living a healthier life. And there are so many benefits attached to having regular moderate exercises. From controlling weight and diseases related to being overweight to maintaining healthy joints and bones, reducing heart-related conditions, and diabetes. 

Also, having regular exercises helps you stay active and help improve your immune system as there would be adequate blood circulation. Meaning most infection-fighting cells would travel to your entire body to eliminate most infections that would hinder your health growth.

What’s even better is, exercising facilitates the production of feel-good hormones to improve your body’s regulation of situations. Also, it would help reduce your body inflammation, ensuring that your immune cells regenerate, thus boosting your immunity. All these imply a healthy life.

Get enough sleep

When it comes to having a healthier life, getting enough sleep is good as having the proper diet and improved exercises. Besides, there are several health benefits that you would enjoy once you get enough sleep. 

You’ll sometimes realize you go to sleep while you’re tired but wake up more energized and motivated to work. Well, when you’re asleep, your brain resettles and restores nerves so that you can function well. In other words, your brain clears out the debris of your days’ activities.

Therefore, enough sleep ensures you get productive and more concentration. Sleep is linked to your cognition, production, and how best you would concentrate best. And lack of enough sleep would put your mental and physical abilities at risk. 

Besides, some research links sleep deprivation to several health problems like weakened immune, weight gain, and high blood pressure. Also, heart disease, mood changes, and memory loss- all that would lead to an unhealthy life. Thus, don’t underestimate the importance of sleep in your life.

Stay hydrated

You should ensure you drink a lot of water to help regulate your body temperature, keep your joints lubricated and deliver your body nutrients to various cells. 

Also, drinking enough water helps prevent infections and improve your sleep, mood, and cognition. Put simply; water helps maintain your body’s full functionality of different organs from the brain, cells, tissues, and heart. Therefore, commit to taking enough water for proper body functions and improved life.

Manage your stress level

Stress is common to most people. However, being that it’s inevitable doesn’t mean you can’t manage it. If your stress response keeps on firing up each day, you are putting your life at risk of several health conditions. 

Naturally, when you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol- which is the fight or flight hormone which if not controlled, would lead to a lower immune system, decreased focus, among other negative life impacts. Therefore, you must ensure you incorporate health stress-relieving habits like meditation, exercise, and practicing deep breathing to help mitigate any heat stress. 

Finally, practice the habit of regularly going for a different health screening from cancer, STD tests to diabetes, pap tests, and dental check-ups, among others. These would help for early detection and control for a healthy life. And quit smoking, caffeine among other unhealthy life habits.


When it comes to maintaining a healthier life, it’s recommended you exercise more often, practice a good nutritious diet, get enough sleep and maintain a healthy weight. Also, ensure you go for regular medical screenings for your blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol. Finally, managing your stress and alcohol level while practicing new hobbies and interests would also contribute to your healthy life.


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