For the past three decades, Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the film industry featuring in top films. So, with his time in this industry, what is Leonardo’s net worth?

Today you will get to learn about Leonardo DiCaprio’s personal and career life. Apart from acting and film production. He is also an environmentalist. DiCaprio began his film career way back in 1989 to date.

However, he got his first movie (Critters 3) feature in 1991 after appearing in Roseanne, an American TV series. From that day his film career has been growing steadily and currently he is among the actors that many young actors look up to.

So, in this article, you will get more information about Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Personal Life

Leonardo was born in Los Angeles in early November 1974. His father is called George DiCaprio, while the mum known as Irmelin Indenbirken, and he was there only child. George was a comic writer, editor artist, publisher, and distributor. His mum was a legal secretary.

DiCaprio speaks Italian like a native due to his father being born by Italian and German parents. Furthermore, his mother’s father (grandfather) and mother (grandmother) were from German and Russian descent, respectively.

There is a fascinating fact about his name Leonardo. While Irmelin Indenbirken was pregnant, they had gone to the Uffizi museum in Italy, and as they were looking at Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait, DiCaprio kicked for the first time. Hence, the mum decided to name him Leonardo.

However, when he was a year old, his parents decided to live apart. Nonetheless, DiCaprio went to the following schools.

  • Seeds Elementary School
  • Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies
  • John Marshall High School

All that time, he stayed with his mother. But with school not being his favorite, he decided to quit and go for auditions. DiCaprio decided that after undergoing tough financial times living with his mother. Dropping out of school meant he never got his GED, but later, he finished school and got his high school diploma.

Since childhood, Leonardo always wanted to be an actor, a thing that he achieved. Before becoming a professional, he used to act in Romper Room a kid’s TV Series but was ejected for being disruptive.

At fourteen he got his first TV appearance through advertisements of different corporates like;

  • Mattel
  • Kraft Foods
  • Bubble Yum
  • Apple Jacks

In the same year, he featured in two episodes of the New Lassie. Even though doing his best, he never got any job the following year and six months. One of the reasons was he never has an agent, and some who wanted to be his agent gave him terms like changing his name.

Leonardo DiCaprio

That made him lose hope in his career and even wanted to call quit. Nevertheless, his parents intervened and encouraged him not to leave acting. After some time, he got jobs to act in several TV series such as The Outsiders and Santa Barbara.

He then became a cast member of the TV comic series Parenthood. These TV series earned him his first two nominations for being the best young actor in the daytime series by 12th Youth in Film Awards.

Critters 3 was his first film, and he went on to act in TV series like Growing Pains, which also made him become nominated for best young actor co-starring in a TV series by Young Artist Award.

DiCaprio continued his acting career in 1996 acting in Romeo and Juliet, and in 1997 he got an offer to be among the cast for Boogie Nights, a drama film. But he decided to act together with Kate Winslet in Titanic. The movie that made him famous.

Since then, he has acted in top films like The Beach, Gang of New York, and Catch Me If You Can. After success in acting, he decided to try his luck in film production. He started Appian Way Productions in 2004.

Leonardo’s role in the film was as an executive producer in The Assassination of Richard Nixon, directed by Niels Mueller. The second was Aviator as a co-producer with Scorsese. The Aviator was successful, and it brought financial breakthroughs for him.

With his time on the production side never meant that he could not act. He acted in The Departed in 2006. Scorsese became his partner in film production, and together they have produced several films.

Though he was into the film industry, he also was championing climate change. He started an organization that was to educate people on the importance of taking care of the environment. As an act of protecting the environment, he has solar-powered vehicles.

His latest involvement in guarding the environment was in 2019 when he donated $5,000,000 through his organization in protecting the Amazon forest that was being destroyed by fires.

Leonardo DiCaprio Relationship Life

Leonardo first dated Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model, but the relationship only lasted for five years. Later, he hooked up with Bar Rafaeli, an Israeli who he dated for six years. However, being a man of controversy, he was once injured during a Hollywood party by Aretha Wilson (Model).

Since breaking up with Rafaeli, he has had a relationship with Toni Garrn, a German model for a year, then rekindled love in 2017 again.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth

According to estimates, Leonardo is worth $260,000,000 as of now. He loves a beautiful life; hence he owns several high-end assets. With him being a professional actor, he earns averagely $20,000,000 per movie.

Currently, he owns different things like a one hundred- and four-acre Island in Belize naming it Blackadore Caye. On the same Island, he possesses an eco-resort. Furthermore, he has built homes on the Island that will sell for approximately 5-15 million US dollars.

He also into real estate possessing homes in Palm Springs in California, others in Malibu that cost close to $11,000,000, and in LA. Furthermore, he has a private jet and different vehicles.


Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor, and his involvement in environmental conservation has made him popular globally. He is also involved in politics and has been one of the donors for the Democratic Party presidential candidate since 2004.

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