Curb appeal isn’t just a term that realtors throw around when a house is for sale. The appearance of a home’s lawn and landscaping make a significant first impression on all passersby.

Depending on the size of your lawn, it may be overwhelming to think about keeping it all in order by yourself. Or maybe your “lawn” is more a collection of weeds and bare patches and you don’t know where to start to help it look better.

Lawn care and maintenance companies exist that can help you with your lawn so that you can come home and feel relaxed rather than anxious about all the yard work.

What Is Lawn Care?

While the terms lawn care and lawn maintenance are used interchangeably by many homeowners, there is actually a difference between the two. Lawn care relates to the health of your turf and soil.

Any company that performs lawn installation services will want to test your soil and assess the health of any plants and grass on your property before they put down new grass. If your soil is too acidic or if it turns out that there is a fungus taking over, they’ll want to manage those problems before installing the lawn to ensure that your beautiful new grass will last.


What Is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance is what most people actually mean when they say “lawn care.” Lawn maintenance is all about the appearance of your lawn. Mowing, pulling weeds, and pruning bushes and trees are all things that will help to keep your home looking beautiful.

Lawn maintenance and lawn care Northern Beaches are important for keeping your home and the neighbourhood looking neat and tidy. Here are three reasons why you need both.

1. Curb Appeal Matters

When you drive through a neighbourhood, the lawns provide a first impression of the area. If the lawns are well-maintained, then you’re probably left with a favourable impression versus a neighbourhood where the lawns are either overgrown or look sparse. Maybe you live in a city and believe that you have little or no green space to worry about.

Balcony garden services can design a miniature oasis for you in your urban space that will set your apartment apart from all the others. Whether you have a  large home with vast gardens or a balcony with a few potted plants, maintenance matters because when your home looks neat and tidy, the whole neighbourhood benefits.

2. Healthy Lawns for All

Many people don’t worry about the health of their lawns unless they’re trying to grow a vegetable garden or many types of flowers. Some homeowners are perfectly content with an average lawn and some shrubs because then there is less to maintain.

However, a healthy lawn certainly matters if you’re hoping to create a complete garden oasis, and if you find it challenging to get things to grow, a company that specialises in lawn care Northern Beaches can help you diagnose the problem.

Maybe your soil just needs an organic treatment to balance out the ph levels. But it could be the case that your soil or a tree has a fungus that is strangling healthy growth. Then it’s important to treat the problem correctly and quickly because some lawn blights can spread to the neighbours’ lawns causing problems for everyone.

3. Environmental Impacts

Did you know that a cared for and well-maintained lawn can help the environment? From a terrace balcony garden to a multi-acre property, healthy lawns have more benefits than just beauty.

When a lawn is healthy, it helps to aerate the soil. Without grass, soil becomes hard packed which means that rain cannot get absorbed into the ground to replenish water stores. Grass, like all other plants, converts carbon dioxide into oxygen which is good not only for everyone to breathe, but also keeps the air cooler which is why the more green spaces there are, the lower the temperatures compared to a high-density urban environment.

Lawn installation services do more than lay sod over dirt. A professional lawn expert understands the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance and values both. As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, not only for the curb appeal that will keep you and your neighbours happy, but because a healthy lawn is good for the environment.


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