Anyone who has ever had an issue with their hair, skin, or face? Are you among them? It’s almost certain that most of us have dealt with some kind of problem in our lives.

The angst associated with teenage acne and the dry skin that can sneak up on you later in life, You could have a more severe skin condition like pigmentation, eczema, or psoriasis. What about the hair? The hair can be dull and lackluster, or heat damaged and over-styled. It’s almost a given that you have stretch marks if you have ever been pregnant. You could go on.

Lavender essential oil can do so many things. It can destroy acne-causing bacteria, replenish nutrients for your hair and skin, and repair any scarring or marks.

The benefits of lavender for skin, hair, and body – as well as sleep – are innumerable. Perhaps it is time to include a lavender spa set in your beauty routine.


Lavender essential oil can be mixed with carrier oils to make it more effective for use on your skin. This doubles the benefits of both oils. You can also add lavender oil to unscented moisturizing and cleansing creams. It’s gentle enough to spot treat certain skin conditions, but you should first test for allergies.

A few carrier oils like avocado or jojoba are great for dry and aged skin. These oils are easy to absorb and trap moisture. Combining avocado oil and lavender oil make it a great choice for those with mature skin.

Grapeseed oil is great for oily and acne-prone skin. It is mildly antiseptic, gentle and non-greasy. To increase the effectiveness of bacteria fighting power, add lavender oil to make a powerful anti-acne and oil control solution. Don’t be afraid to add oil to oily skin. Although it may sound absurd, oil can actually help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Sweet almond carrier oil is great for sensitive skin and rosacea. It contains high levels of both oleic acid and linoleic acid, which can soothe and alleviate inflamed and irritated skin. Sweet almond oil and lavender oil make a great combination to nourish dry skin, stimulate collagen production, and regenerate skin cells.

Argan carrier oil is a great treatment for acne spots. Use a cotton ball to apply the lavender oil to your pimples twice daily. A great toner for acne-prone skin is 2 drops of lavender oil mixed with 1 teaspoon witch hazel.

Age spots and pigmentation can be prevented by combining the powerful antioxidant properties of rosehip oil and lavender oil. To help lighten dark spots and regenerate skin cells, mix one drop of each oil.

drop of each oil


Are you not getting enough sleep? This could be interpreted as a feeling of being tired or grumpy every day, or even daily if you are severely deficient. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences for your overall health, including depression, heart disease and obesity, as well as a negative impact on your skin.

Your skin becomes very stressed. When you’re asleep, your stress hormone cortisol naturally drops, which allows for skin and body to heal. You also miss this crucial renewal process by not getting enough sleep. High levels of cortisol can also cause skin to plump collagen, which in turn accelerates the appearance and progression of wrinkles. If you are prone to acne, it may lead to more breakouts.

In addition, sleep deprivation can lead to a weakening skin barrier. This is combined with the loss of many wonderful antioxidants that protect your skin, which can lead to a dehydrated and weakening skin.

You might be wrong to believe that your beauty routine begins with what you put on your skin and body. You can take care of your skin by spending more quality time in dreamland. Beauty sleep is not a misnomer…


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