The estimated net worth of Lana Rhoades is $1 million. Lana is an adult film actress and has been a worldwide sensation in these films. Also, Rhoades is an American model. Lana Rhoades is featured in Anal Beauty 10, Lana Rhoades Unleashed, and TOO MUCH.

Therefore, you will learn more about her personal life, less known facts, and more in this article.

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Personal Details

Real Name: Amara Maple
Nickname: Lana Rhoades
Date of Birth: 6th September 1996
Age: 25 Years
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Profession: Adult Film Actress
Ex-Husband – Jon
Ex-Boyfriend: Mike Majlak
Height: 160 centimeters

Lana Rhoades Personal Life

Amara Maple, also known as Lana Rhoades, is an adult film actress in the United States of America. Lana was born on 6th September 1996 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. The hometown of Rhoades is Chicago, and her nationality is American and Slovenian.

She went to Oakton Community College but didn’t finish her education due to her job. Lana Rhoades began acting in adult films at the age of eighteen, but her decision was when she was sixteen.

However, before becoming an adult film star, Lana worked at the Tilted Kilt, a pub in Illinois.

Lana Rhoades

The Marriage Life of Lana Rhoades

Did you know that Lana was married? At the age of eighteen, Lana Rhoades was married by Jon alias BigDad_87 on Instagram. The marriage lasted for five years. In 2014, after the breakup, Lana went to Los Angeles to begin her pornographic career.

Early Life of Lana

While in high school, Lana Rhoades was among the cheerleading group. As a cheerleader, she crafted her career in modelling and the adult film industry. Additionally, Rhoades received a five-year jail term at a correctional facility while she was sixteen years old. However, she didn’t finish the period and was released after one-year due to good behavior.

After serving her term, she enrolled at Oakton Community College but could not finish her education due to her occupation. After quitting her job at a pub in Illinois and breaking up with her husband, Jon. Lana moved to L.A., and her fame was after the photoshoot with Playboy.

This is after contacting Mark Spiegler, an adult film agent. Currently, Lana’s parents live in Illinois while working on her projects after quitting the adult film industry.

Lana Rhoades Controversies

Like a majority of celebrities, Lana Rhoades is not exempted from controversies. She has had a fair share of controversies. First, she was jailed after participating in a gang in Chicago, Illinois. Her association with the gang was due to her boyfriend at the time. The gang was involved with robbing homes.

Even though she wasn’t actively involved, she received a five-year jail term at a juvenile correctional facility. Lana exposed all these during a podcast session with Harry Jowsey. Furthermore, she revealed that she had girlfriends who introduced her to homosexual acts during her one year at the correctional facility.

This was challenging to adapt, but she was accustomed to the behavior. Of course, this was due to most of her mates doing that.

Lana Rhoades Wealth

According to several sources, Rhoades is worth $1 million, but others report that her wealth is approximately $24 million. She owns several assets such as cars, homes, and more. When it comes to car collection, she has the Merced Benz E63 AMG, which costs approximately $107,500.

Also, she has a Land Rover Range Rover whose price is $180,000. Lana also has a £1 million mansion that features an art gallery, a home gym, and a theatre. According to Mike Majlak, her former boyfriend? The house is a bargain as per the size of the rooms and other features.

Pregnancy Rumors

Lana posted an ultrasound image that started her pregnancy rumors on her Instagram account, where she has over sixteen million followers. This was on 1st June 2021, and at the time, she was twenty-four weeks pregnant. However, she hasn’t revealed the baby’s dad.

Why Did She Quit the Porn Industry?

After what she termed as forced to act nasty scenes in adult films was the main reason for her to quit pornography, she is trying to delete all her adult films as it is her past.

Additionally, Lana Rhoades revealed much money since she is not acting, unlike her time in the porn industry.

Note: On a podcast with Logan Paul, she revealed that she had signed a contract with Brazzers but was later cancelled.

Final Words

During her free time Lana Rhoades like walking with her dogs and baking cupcakes. Additionally, during her time in the adult film industry, she won many awards and nominations. Finally, Rhoades doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. So, this is all about Lana Rhoades net worth and updates.


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