Kaguya Sama Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Kaguya Sama Season 3

If you are interested in watching Japanese animated series then you must have liked watching Kaguya Sama. Like most of the animated shows which are adapted from manga comics, this show is also inspired by its original manga series by Aka Akasaka. The first season of Kaguya Sama was aired in Japan with twelve episodes in 2019 from January to March. 

Then in the following year 2020, the series came with a second installment from April to June. In the current year, a special OVA episode was also released. And now there has been an announcement on the release of its third season. While watching Kaguya Sama, you might not like the idea of having the same typical high school drama story. 

Still, there is something that makes this anime show an outstanding watch. And it has a well-written script plus the characters in this show. Most of the part showcases the wit between the leading characters. Kaguya Sama binds all its episodes. In season 1, the anime show showcased a comical face-off between Miyuki and the main character Kaguya. 

In the following season, it emphasized more on the romantic angle between the two and also the spotlight on their past. This becomes an added advantage for the Japanese anime Kaguya Sama. And since the first two seasons had already taken place with their gripping storyline, now all expectations are on its next season 3. So today let us find out whether the new installment is soon going to take place or do we have to wait for some more years. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Kaguya Sama: Love Is War
Genre: Psychological, romantic comedy & slice of life
Directed by: Shinichi Omata
Written by: Yasuhiro Nakanishi and Yuki Sugawara
Place Of Origin: Japan
Produced by: Tatsuya Ishikawa, Naoto Nakajima, Taku Funakoshi, Toshihiro Maeda
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 12 (list of episodes)

Kaguya Sama Season 3 Release Date

Story Plot of Kaguya Sama

The story plot of the Japanese animated series Kaguya Sama takes place around the two main characters Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. They are a perfect couple holding the position of vice president and student council president of Shuchiin Academy’s high school division. 

Kaguya comes from a mixed business family background. Whereas Miyuki is the topper at school and is popular for perfection. Even though they admire each other, still, both behavioral attitudes do not allow them to confess their love for each other. Things become more entertaining followed by schemes plotted by these two characters to make any of them confess. 


The more engaging the storyline, the more interested are the characters of Kaguya Sama. Now since you have got a brief idea about the story of this anime show, let us get to know about some of its main characters, beginning with:

Kaguya Shinomiya

She is the main character of the anime show Kaguya Sama: Love is War. Kaguya is shown as a high school student from Shuchi’in Academy (67th & 68th) in her third year. She is also a member of Archery Club, plus holds the position of vice president of Student Council. Coming to appearance, Kaguya is a fair-skinned girl sporting long black hair tied with a blackish-red ribbon. Most of the time her hair strands hang on her side. She has a slim figure and red eyes. 

Miyuki Shirogane

Another mainstream character in anime series is Miyuki Shirogane. With Kaguya, he is also a high school student from Shuchi’in Academy and is also the Student Council president (67th & 68th). If Kaguya is beautiful, then Miyuki stands no behind her in good looks. The blue-eyed handsome boy sports blonde hair. Due to his lack of sleep and myopia, his eyes appear glaring. Miyuki is usually seen wearing his academy uniform, but he also wears another accessory which is a gold chain around his neck. 

Chika Fujiwara

Other than Kaguya and Miyuki, Chika Fujiwara is also one of the popular characters in the Kaguya Sama anime series. She is a third-year student from Shuchi’in Academy and also has a membership of the Tabletop gaming club. Besides this, Chikas also holds the position of secretary of the Student Council. Like Kaguya, Chika’s skin tone is also fair. 

She sports a silver hair color style coming at her shoulder length. She also wears a black-colored bow in the middle of her hair. The blue-eyed beauty has bigger boobs even though being short in height compared to Kaguya. Sometimes Chika prefers sporting a ponytail hairstyle. She is always seen in an Academy uniform. 

When To Expect The Premiere of Kaguya Sama Third Season?

Japanese anime series Kaguya Sama: Love is War proved a popular show among its viewers all because of its stupendous crafting of script and characters. Don’t consider it as a usual high school drama. Watch it and you will be glued to every episode of it. The premiere of its first season came two years ago on 12th January with twelve episodes in total. It ended in the same year on 30th March. 

After getting a good response from the anime group, it paved the renewal of the second season that came last year (2020) from 11th April to 27th June. It came as a surprise that the second season of Kaguya Sama surpassed the popularity of the first season and exceeded more with popularity in becoming the top-rated rom-com anime series. 

So naturally, there is a huge demand for its follow-up third season. Since the anime series’ mainstream characters Kaguya and Miyuki are still in high school, this comes as the hope of a Kaguya Sama sequel for sure. The third installment was supposed to release in 2021, but now it seems viewers have to keep more patience by 2022. 

It is all because no official announcement has been made by its makers. The global pandemic COVID-19 is also the spoilsport in derailing the release of the third season. By the time the new season comes, you can watch the previous seasons of Kaguya Sama with English subtitles on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. 

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