Hello everyone, my name is MiLa Linton, I am a wig lover. I buy a wig every 3-4 months on average. Wigs in my life are like ham in a hot dog and cheese in a pizza. It is an indispensable part.

There are 6 wigs I was using before; let me list these pixies.

  1. Headband wig*2, all body wave, natural black; one is 18 inches, one is 22 inches, can cover my shoulders, very easy to take care of, wearing is also effortless. This is my daily wear at home or on vacation.
  2. Bob cut wig*2, 13*6 lace wig, one is 10 inches, natural black; and one is 14 inches, straight, blonde. This is what I wear when I go out to work.
  3. Hd lace wig*1, 26 inches, this is a more advanced lace wig, very realistic, but wear a lot of trouble, usually party wear.

4、V part wig*1, 3C curvature, natural color. Upgraded version of the U part wig, the hairline is more natural and easy to wear. This wig is easy to wear but requires a higher hairline for yourself.

I have reserved a spot for them in my closet, and every day I examine them and ask myself which one should I take tomorrow? What a wonderful treat. You see the variety of wigs, all with their own characteristics. I like them very much. But lately, I’ve been a bit selective, and they don’t satisfy me anymore. I always feel a little tired, and I am increasingly unsure which one of them I should choose. It’s like eating a sandwich every day, although there are all kinds of sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, cheese, ham sandwiches, etc. It’s time to change the menu. I tried to find a special seasoning that would revitalize my palate.

My requirements were singular but challenging: something shiny that would catch everyone’s eye and not an exaggerated color; a natural color would be best. I followed this requirement and kept searching for the right-wing. Finally, I found a wig that was perfect for my needs – a long wig, specifically a 40″ wig. Wearing a 40″ wig, the hair extends to my hips. When I walk, my hair swings in an S-shape as I walk.

Wearing this wig on the street, I am the brightest girl! Ha Ha, the color is understated but still luxurious. Every passerby sees my wig understand, right?

I’ve had this 40-inch wig for half a month, and I love it. Let me tell you some of its advantages.

  1. The hair is smooth, not tangled or knotted, so it should be made of better Remy hair.
  2. It is a lace wig. I wear the same installation as the ordinary place wig, but this wig has an excellent internal fixed elastic band; the front lace also made the curvature, usually does not need glue can also wear, is a glueless wig.
  3. Another thing to note is that it is HD LACE, so whether from a distance or close up is very natural.

If this wig has a downside, it is a bit expensive. But you can replace the 40-inch curly with a straight 30-inch long hair, so it will look about the same size, and the ends will reach your hips. But the price will be much less.

This is my latest wig for you, along with my experience and buying advice. I highly recommend this for 40 inches of hair. If you like it, you must try it.


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