Successful companies are hiring virtual assistants to make ends meet. You see, there’s so much to do that, without getting some help, it’s nearly impossible to get the job done. Hiring a virtual assistant comes with many benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and proceeding with business objectives strategically.

It’s possible to connect with talented people online. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that individuals assign themselves numerous titles. So, you’ll come across terms such as “virtual assistant” and “freelancer”. It’s not just a difference of semantics. It’s good to know the difference so that you’ll know whether to hire a virtual assistant services company or a virtual assistant that works independently.  

What is a virtual assistant? 

A virtual assistant is someone who helps you with various tasks. You hire a virtual assistant through a company, so it’s not necessary to go through countless resumes or carry out interviews. You speak to a project manager and it’s up to them to determine what employee best suits your needs and requirements. The virtual assistant attends the company meetings and does all the hard work, but, as the name implies, they’re not in the same physical space.

They provide support from a remote location. You can hire a virtual assistant to manage communication flows, arrange your schedule, handle the bookkeeping, and more. There’s no need to worry about disputes because the virtual assistant services company provides complete support and assistance. 

difference between a virtual assistant

What is a freelancer? 

A freelance virtual assistant works independently, so they can invest more time in adapting to clients’ needs and preferences. You communicate directly with the professional, so there won’t be issues such as misunderstandings. A freelancer can bring specialized knowledge into your business, filling some gaps. So, if you have a project or task that requires expertise, it’s a good idea to hire a freelancer.

They start working as soon as they’re hired and, as a rule, the results aren’t disappointing. A freelance virtual assistant can work remotely or within the local area. When hiring a freelancer, you take full control over the process, so you can eliminate candidates you don’t deem suitable. Plus, the hiring process turns out to be less expensive. 

The choice is yours 

Trust yourself to make the right decision. You can outsource talent through a virtual assistant services company. You’ll get an assistant who is dedicated to your project and company, not to mention that you have guarantee they will stay until the end of the contract. You enjoy a high degree of security, getting a replacement almost immediately. Availability, control, and confidentiality are the words that best describe the services offered by VA providers.

On the other hand, you could hire a freelance virtual assistant. They’re more likely to get used to your way of doing things. Plus, they can handle specific tasks such as blogging or web development. Your business will become more profitable. All in all, the choice is up to you. Don’t rush into making a decision. Take some time to think about it. This will allow you to make the right decision. 


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