Many people think that massage is a procedure for relaxation, muscle fatigue, and emotional detox. But few people realize that a massage therapist can become your best friend in the process of “sculpting” your ideal body. The thing is that during the massage you can work on those areas that are difficult to accentuate during a workout in the gym.

Of course, no one would claim that one trip to the massage will burn an incredible amount of calories and lose a couple of sizes, but in combination with proper nutrition and fitness in the gym, the result will not keep you waiting.

A massage you’ve never heard of. Lymphatic drainage with bamboo sticks

Massage with bamboo sticks is one of the main attractions of Bali, Goa, and Thailand. Bamboo is associated with youth and beauty in Asian countries. Today, bamboo massage Dubai is available too.

Curious fact: bamboo stems of different sizes and diameters are used in the creation of the sticks. The larger they are, the deeper the tissues and muscles are worked on. Bamboo stick massage combines several Oriental techniques: Thai massage, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, and lymphatic drainage.

What is the effect?

The massage begins by applying oil or moisturizing cream to the body. Then the therapist uses small diameter sticks to begin the point massage. Thus stimulating the biologically active points in our body. The technique is based on vibration and pressure, using wands with a larger diameter.

Painfulness: tolerable, slightly more painful than a classical massage.

Effect of the first treatment: -1.5 cm in the hips, – 1 cm in the waist.

After lymph drainage: to drink or not to drink?

A drinking regime is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to observe it and remember one simple rule: “everything that is not water is food”. Smoothies, juices, sugary sodas, coffee, and tea – even if some of these drinks quench thirst, it’s only for a while. Try to give preference to plain water without gas. As for whether you should drink water immediately after lymph drainage massage, you can, but carefully.

In 15-20 minutes after the massage, you may be thirsty. Take a couple of sips, but do not drink more than a glass at once. In order to maintain the effect, it is highly undesirable to drink fluids and have a snack for the first 2 hours. The fact is that the lymph drainage massage removes excess fluid from the body, and the fat cells experience serious stress. If you drink water or eat immediately after the procedure, the cells will store even more water than they had before.

The day after the procedure, it is necessary to observe the regime of drinking: drink no less than 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day, preferably before 6 pm.

Frequency of visits. How many times a year should I have a massage?

In order to achieve a consistent result and look perfect, it is recommended to have a lymphatic drainage massage by courses (about 10-12 times with 1-2 day intervals). At the same time, it is important to perform supportive exercises and do light self-massage at home (1-2 times a week). This will help to get the maximum effect from the very first days.

What are the best exercises to combine lymphatic drainage massage with?

Of course, you need to understand that the lymph drainage massage itself is not a panacea for all problems. And in order not only to achieve the result but also qualitatively hold it for a long period, massage and other cosmetic procedures (wraps, scrubs, and treatments) are recommended to be combined with physical activity. It is not necessary to choose high-intensity exercise, moderate-paced activities such as:

  • long walks (from 40 minutes);
  • yoga;
  • stretching;
  • aerial stretching (webs and hammocks);
  • classical morning gymnastics;
  • aqua aerobics.


With a comprehensive approach, the excretion of metabolic products, which are formed during the breakdown of fat, is intensified, while the drainage functions of the body are improved in parallel. That is why the combination of massage, oils for weight loss, and physical activity will help to achieve the desired result much faster!


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