Buying a Salvage Car

Written by: AUTO CAR

Is Buying a Salvage Car a Good Idea?

People drive automobiles for a variety of reasons. Some use cars to travel back and forth to work, others use SUVs to travel all across the United States, visiting coastal spots like South Carolina and Rhode Island.

Others use cars, SUVs, and trucks to run errands for their families. This might include picking up groceries, taking the kids to soccer practice, or heading to a doctor’s appointment. Whatever the reason, people need cars to complete many daily activities.

Dealerships and private sellers all across the United States offer opportunities to purchase vehicles, but another option for your automobile purchase needs includes purchasing a salvage car.

These vehicles often have been previously damaged and are now viewed as a total loss by the insurance company that payed out on a damaged vehicle claim for the automobile. Purchasing such vehicles has its pros and cons. Today we’ll discuss if buying a salvaged vehicle is a good idea.

Is Buying a Salvage Car a Good Idea

Lower Cost

One plus for purchasing a salvage vehicle is the cost. When you begin looking for an automobile to purchase, cost is always going to be paramount in your decision-making. Whether it’s a new car or a used car, the cost of a prospective vehicle will be first and foremost on your mind.

You may find that these automobiles will fall outside of your price range, and now you’re back at square one. In a case like this helps to look into damaged cars for sale. Salvaged title vehicles are relatively cheap. This can help to prevent your pockets from being emptied out.

Also, just because a damaged or used car is in a “broken” state, this doesn’t mean that the vehicle should be passed up by car buyers. Any salvaged car, van, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or other vehicle can be a solid investment for those seeking a cheaper alternative, once properly repaired. Don’t think that your local car dealership is the only option when trying to find a new vehicle. Look for nearby salvage yards as this will help car buyers to save on costs in the long run.

Safety Concerns

When people go through an OSHA certification program, they learn how they can help to ensure safe working standards for employees at a workplace. By going through an occupational safety certificate program, they are making sure that an employer takes their safety responsibility to heart. Such safety professionals and inspectors don’t necessarily exist in the world of salvage title vehicles.

If you purchase a salvage automobile you are purchasing a damaged car, SUV, van, or even a motorcycle. There’s a good chance that, though the junk vehicle dealership has attempted to fix the damage or any associated problems, they weren’t able to repair everything. Often safety is a huge reason why people stay away from purchasing salvage vehicles.

In some cases, dealers of such damaged vehicles might skimp on repairing all of the damaged or rebuilt areas of a car. Unfortunately, there aren’t junk vehicle safety professionals and safety specialists, like the ones who exist in the world of OSHA. Safety concerns can be a potential con for those who want to purchase a salvage or damaged vehicle.

Difficulty Insuring

Another con that might arise when considering whether you should purchase a salvage vehicle or not is that such automobiles are difficult to insure. A lot of insurance companies will not write collision or comprehensive coverage for salvage title vehicles. It’s unfortunately difficult for such companies to assign value to these previously damaged cars, SUVs, or motorcycles.

After they do a background check on your vehicle, insurance companies will find out that the accident occurrences for your damaged car are very high, in addition to learning about accident investigations into your salvaged car. If you do find an insurance company that will write a policy for your damaged car, the coverage will more than likely be very limited.