Ingenious and Innovative Ways to Use Gorgeous Dried Flowers

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Ingenious and Innovative Ways to Use Gorgeous Dried Flowers

The popularity of dried flowers has recently seen a boost and for good reason. Aside from looking stunning on your dining table or windowsill, these blooms are maintenance-free. There’s no need for water or light, they’re perfect for homes with natural light and they’re so much better for the environment compared to your weekly bunch of fresh flowers.

With little care, dried flowers can last for years and if you’re worried about your carbon footprint, you should know about the dried flower trend.

Dried flowers can be used to decorate your home or for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. You can even use them for your wedding décor and such special arrangements can be kept as a keepsake. If this has piqued your interest and you wish to swap fresh flowers with dried flowers, here are a few amazing ways to use them.

Get beautiful-looking vases and display your dried flowers 

This is a no-brainer and one of the most common ways to display dried flowers. You just have to get dried flowers of your choice and display them in a gorgeous vase. You can either get dried flower arrangements to be put in the vase or you can personalize it.

When it comes to customizing exotic dried flowers, start by inserting floral foam at the bottom of the vase or jar. Then, distribute the tallest foliage evenly and arrange the larger dried flowers and leaves. To create your desired shape, you need to trim the length of the stems as you go.

For creating a breathtaking centerpiece, you need to carefully choose the vase or jar. The style of the vase is also going to influence the look of the final dried flower arrangement.

Gorgeous Dried Flowers

DIY floral resin coasters for your coffee table 

Showcase your creativity by making DIY floral resin coasters for yourself or as gifts for friends. These handmade botanical items are easy to make and can be fun if you’re interested in art and craft activities. This can also be an exciting activity to do with your children during holidays so that they’re kept busy. The coasters will help to keep your coffee table stain-free and if you give them as gifts, your friends will remember you.

For this craft session, you will have to get epoxy resin, molds in shapes of your choice, toothpicks, and natural dried flowers. You can place the dried flowers in the mold and pour resin on top of it until the mold is covered. Let it dry and once dried, you can take it out of the mold and you’ll have beautiful-looking coasters for your table. You can use a heat gun to remove bubbles in the resin.

DIY phone case using dried flowers 

If you love dried flowers so much that you wish to always keep them close to you, use them to create a DIY phone case. You can get a clear phone case and place the dried flowers inside it. To keep it in one place, make use of clear PVA glue or resin. You have to let it dry and when it has dried, you can insert your phone and use the phone case as you would normally do.

You can even add a bit of glitter to it or design it according to your imagination.

Add a touch of beauty to gift wrappings using dried flowers 

You can add a touch of floral beauty to all your gift wrappings with the help of dried flowers. You can get some dried flowers and foliage, tie them together into little flower bouquets and use a piece of twine to keep it in place with the gift wrap. You can also make use of glue to stick the dried flowers on the gift wrapping.

This is a wonderful way to wrap gifts and it’ll instantly make the gift appear special and lovely.

Wall art using pressed flowers in a photo frame 

Thinking of ways to liven up your walls? Get wholesale dried flowersand pick up photo frames in bulk. Dried flowers look amazing when enclosed in clear glass frames. You can hang the frames on your walls or you can keep it as a table centerpiece in your home or even workplace. These also make for great gifts.

The flower arrangement inside the frame can be customized and you can select the dried flowers of your choice, along with dried leaves and other foliage. You can keep the flower arrangement simple or can even include motivational quotes.

Make personal letters or cards prettier by adding dried flowers 

Cards and personal letters can evoke personal sentiments in the receiver. If you truly want to show someone what they mean to you, enhance your card or letter by adding a pressed dried flower. You can get dried petals and decorate the letter or card to make it appear gorgeous. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the layout and can use the flowers in any way that you imagine.

Similarly, you can decorate your journal with dried flowers. You can place dried flowers on the cover of your journal to make it look attractive.

Last words 

The aforementioned are only a few of the creative ways in which you can use dried flowers and foliage. This is only to get you inspired and started on discovering more wonderful ways that you can use dried flowers. Since the flowers are lightweight and there’s no fear of the flowers wilting, they are increasingly being used in wedding decors, as well as, birthday and anniversary decors. These pressed flowers can also be used as Christmas décor.

However you want to use dried flowers, it is up to you. The only thing stopping you is your imagination. So, get dried flowers and begin experimenting to find unique ways to use them.

Last modified: July 28, 2021