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How to Learn English in 2021?

Learning English is a need of life these days. You need to speak in English in workspaces, colleges, universities, and even while traveling. So, in short, nobody can deny the importance of learning and understanding the English language.

Fortunately, learning the English language is not hard anymore. In the past, it was a big task to learn English. There were challenging and hard books and traditional study modes to learn English. It is no more true now. You can learn English now just like you are playing a game. The study mode will be easy, fun, entertaining, and flexible.

Let’s look at some of the ways of learning English.

Best Ways to Learn English:

There are many great and easy ways to learn English. These ways will never make you feel bore or overwhelm. Some of the best ways to learn English are the following:

How to Learn English in 2021


Mobile Android and IOS apps are some of the modern ways of learning English. Learning through the app is a much easy, more fun, and entertaining way. There are thousands of apps now available on Google Play and the Apple store.

Some of the best apps are Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and many others. These apps can be great for a complete beginner. The methods used in these apps are really enjoyable. You can learn and play at the same time. There are visuals, puzzle games, etc. used in these apps for teaching English.

If you want a flexible, easy, fun, and entertaining way of learning English, go with apps. One thing is that these apps will not make you perfect. You will get enough knowledge after learning through these apps to go further.


YouTube is used for streaming videos of different types. There are millions of videos uploading on YouTube each minute. It is up to you how you use it. There are many English learning channels that can help you. If you start watching at least one to two videos regularly in order, you will feel a difference.

The most important thing is that all the stuff you will find on YouTube is completely free. Unlike apps where you may need to pay for the subscription for advanced-level content, it’s free. People usually think that free content maybe not good, but that’s not true. The only thing you need to do is to search for a quality content creator and start watching videos.


Website is another great way of learning English. Most of the websites are also offering mobile apps now. You can keep an eye on your progress. There are attractive interfaces that will keep you engage with your learning.


Netflix is another movie streaming platform. Every one of us is using Netlfix daily for entertainment purposes. Let’s think of it in another way. You can learn English while watching movies and shows. Yes, that’s true.

You can turn on the subtitles and start watching your favorite shows. In this way, you will practice and improve your listening, pronouncing, and speaking skills. You will also come across a lot of new words that you can use in your daily life.

Use Online Tools:

Using online tools for practicing and improving writing is very important now. There are many quality online spell check tools available. These tools will help you to write flawlessly. Writing without errors is very important for all whether you are a student or an employee. So, use these tools to make your writing perfect.