Because a wedding gown isn’t inexpensive, you’ll want to take good care of it. While many bridal stores will store your gown until a few days before your wedding, it’s a good idea to know how to care for it so it doesn’t get stained.

Proper storage

The most fundamental technique in wedding dress preservation to keep your garment in good condition is to store it correctly. If you’re just going to keep the dress for a few months, put it on a cushioned hanger in your closet. Make sure the closet isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Keep the garment in such a manner that it has a few feet of space on either side of the closet to avoid wrinkling.

A white cotton sheet should be used to cover the garment to keep it dust-free. A plastic sheet should not be used since it will retain water, creating mustiness and mildew. Plastic also tends to release gases, causing the garment to deteriorate.

Be cautious during the wedding

Be cautious during the wedding

You must use extreme caution in order to keep the outfit clean during the wedding. If the costume has to go over your head, for example, a lightweight cotton rag should be placed over your face to avoid makeup from sticking to the dress. When applying the finishing touches to your makeup, put a towel over your shoulders.

You should be wary of the chairs you sit on when traveling. Unless the seats have been properly cleaned, a white sheet should always be put on the seat.

If you come upon a stain by mistake, you should work on it right away. As a general guideline, spot treat it by working from the outside inwards. To get the best results, use the cleaning solution using a cotton swab. When applying the mixture, be careful not to oversaturate the cloth.

Store the dress properly after the wedding

Once the wedding is over, you should take the gown to the cleaners as soon as possible. Regardless of whether the dress is soiled or not, you should take it to the cleaners. You should store the garment in an acid-free box after washing it. You should ask the cleaner to allow you to examine the clothing before it’s packed to confirm that it’s the proper one.

If you have the ability to hand wash the dress at home, you should do so properly and remove any stains. You can also hire professional wedding dress cleaners to clean and preserve your wedding dress.


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