Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. There are many other operating systems, but Windows is preferred by an overwhelming majority of users worldwide due to its accessibility and ease of use.

However, no matter what, Windows is still a piece of software at the end of the day, meaning it is not entirely free of issues and errors. There are numerous drivers and APIs in the windows library responsible for running many programs and functions on the computer. Windows develops these programs, but if you want, you can install third-party drivers into your computer for enhanced performance.

It is common for you to see the vcruntime140_1.dll error among all the DLL errors. If this happens, it can hamper the functioning of applications and programs built on Microsoft visual studio.

It is a standard error that occurs when the driver or link is not installed correctly in the computer or when the computer cannot read the files. The good news is that it is an easily fixable issue, therefore, you can do it on your own without any professional help.

Here are some methods to fix the error quickly at home.

  • The manual method

Under this method, you must visit a website with all the DLL databases readily available for download. After going to the website, you will have to find the vcruntime140_1.dll to download for your computer.

However, the main challenge in this method is determining the correct file version for your computer. Every computer has different specifications, and the link varies per the computer’s specifications. So, finding the updated or the most suitable version for your computer can take time.

Moreover, even after you have found the correct version and downloaded it, you must figure out the correct source folder to place the DLL.

  • The automatic method

It is considered one of the best methods to fix such DLL errors. Herein you download a fixer onto your computer that automatically downloads the right DLL for your computer and will also place the link to the correct source folder.

It will help save a lot of time as you would not have to find the correct file manually. Also, by downloading such software, you also get to reap other benefits. For instance, the software will fix other DLL errors as well by itself. This way, you can identify any upcoming problems and get ahead of them.

It is arguably the best method to fix the issue if you lack technical knowledge.

  • Update the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package

Often, errors can also appear if the visual C++ package of the windows is outdated. You can use the windows update search to verify whether the package is up to date. If your system runs an older version, you must update it.

However, if your system is running the recent version but still facing a problem, you can try re-installing the package.

These are the three best methods to fix the Vcruntime140 error prompts. It is crucial to find a trusted website to download the correct dll file to resolve the issue.


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