Moving from one state to another is an exciting but stressful process. With all the packing and planning that needs to be done, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure on you as the homeowner. And if you’re moving cross country, this pressure only increases exponentially! If you don’t know where to start your search for a reputable long-distance mover, then read our article below so that we can help make your move easier for you.

Check if Professional Moving Company is Properly Licensed and Insured

Before moving, it is suggested to make sure that the moving company is properly licensed and insured. Otherwise, you could end up in moving scams. Unfortunately, not all of them are, so it’s essential to make sure you go through different movers for cross country relocation and select the reputable one who will be able to provide insurance coverage if something were to go wrong during your move.

This can seem like common sense but not every state requires movers to register with its Department of Transportation or DMV. In some cases, this registration goes hand in hand with having a license issued by the said department which means proper licensing is sometimes more challenging for consumers to recognize when researching companies online (such as reading reviews).

Next, read customer reviews about their experience with the company and what they had liked/disliked about how things went from start-check if the professional moving company is properly licensed and insured.

Cross Country Mover

Read Reviews of the Moving Company

It is recommended to researching and reading as many reviews as possible. Go through reviews and ratings on their website as well as on various review sites.

When reading reviews, it is essential to note the tone of the study. For example, if a customer says that they were satisfied with their experience with this company, you can read why and what went well to get an idea of how potentially good or bad things will go for you if you use this moving service.

If someone was not pleased with their move, do your research into finding out more about what happened to be prepared should something similar happen during your move. After all, there’s nothing worse than wasting hours upon hours packing up your home, and you find out later down the road that it would have been easier to hire a professional moving service from day one!

Checking reviews also gives insight as to how is the company’s service.

Inquiry about Subcontractors

Before hiring a moving company for a cross-country move, make sure to ask whether the mover will be picking up, transporting, and delivering all of the belongings by themselves or move out to a different party. Subcontracting a move out to another party can result in additional fees, delays, and complications.

It is essential to ask the moving company whether they subcontract parts of your cross-country relocation so that you are fully aware of what will happen during the process. If there is any confusion or if you have questions about who will be doing what on your behalf for the move, get those cleared up before signing a contract with them!

When planning an out-of-country move, it’s always best to hire professionals because this could save significant time and money down the line. However, asking these three simple questions now can help ensure that you find a reputable cross-country mover.

Their Experience Level

How professional is the moving company?  Do they have a professional moving truck? Do they have a good reputation? Do they have business cards and a professional website?

How experienced are the movers? Do they have any formal or hands-on experience with international moves, and do they know how to handle special items like antiques, pianos, or high-value electronics?

If a reputable cross country mover has met all three of these criteria so far, try asking them about their policies before signing a contract.

Review your Estimate Cost

It is recommended to choose the moving company that gives you an estimate you’re comfortable with and provides information about any additional charges.

Most reputable cross country movers will provide you with a binding estimate before the move. This is to ensure that no surprises come up during your moving day. In addition, it allows for estimation of cost should any unforeseen damages occur so that they can be compensated accordingly.

If given an estimate, review the estimated weight of all items being moved – including furniture, appliances, décor items, boxes of clothing, or books – and multiply by the per-pound price on offer from each company. If there are multiple estimates in consideration at this point based on those numbers (and we recommend getting more than one), total them together if necessary, to get an accurate idea of what you’ll owe after your move is complete.


Choosing a professional cross country moving service is a big decision, and making sure you hire the right one can be daunting. First, you want to know if they’re properly licensed and insured, read reviews of their work online, inquire about subcontractors used in your move and make sure the estimate given is accurate. Then, if it all checks out, consider how professional they seem to be at what they do before hiring them for your cross-country move!


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