How to Dress According to Your Hair Color


How to Dress According to Your Hair Color

Look around you. There are different natural hair colors. Blacks, blondes, brunettes, redheads, and greys are basic human hair colors. Some have colored their hair any shade. What color is your hair? Do you worry about how to dress for your hair color? 

Hair color is indeed an important aspect in picking your wardrobe. Because not every hair color will go every outfit color. We need some advices in this matter. 

Our goal in every look is to look awesome! Also, you must keep your skin tone in mind. Knowing how to dress according to your hair color is very important. Even if you just colored your hair with a different shade, it’s also important. So, we made this article to give you some fashion suggestions to help you decide.

Right Colors for Your Hair Color


This category has a range from near white to very light browns. There is also platinum white. 

Blonde shades look stunning with dark shades. Platinum white hair goes well with bright reds. The contrast would look beautiful. Many such blondes are seen in red outfits. 


This category ranges from burnished wood to coal black. This is mostly found in people with warm skin tones. It speaks warmth all over. Check your wardrobe for earthy tones. Fiery reds, deep greens and vibrant blues will look amazing on you if you have this hair color. Because they complement your hair color beautifully. 

You can also choose oranges and yellows. The range that you can wear is very wide. It’s a good idea to just set aside whites, creams and pastels. Because they don’t do much on you. So, make the most of the colors! Not everyone can carry bright hues.


Flaming red, warm reds and oranges belong to this category. We recommend cream and ivory shades if you have this hair color. 

Flaming redheads would look sensational in earth tones. This is because the dark red of your hair brings out those shades. Some of these colors are usually dismissed as dull or uninspiring. Try out some and experience the difference. 


The warm hues of your hair need to be offset by these tones. But avoid pinks and reds. Because it brings too much redness on you. But lighter shades of redheads can carry light pinks better.


Hairs turn gray because of the lack of melanin. But gray hair also has categories. It ranges from silver to steel gray. Some people are rocking the gray hair. Are you also one of them? 

You can wear classy pant suits and dresses in dark colors to bring out the gray beautifully.

Hairs turn gray

Colored Hair

There is no range here. You are only limited by your imagination. What color is your hair today?

Decide in tandem with the color of your skin and hair. 

If you want to change your hair color, here is a guide:


Match or Contrast

The topic has been what color outfit matches which hair color. But girls have other concerns when it comes to fashion. Should we match our dress and hair? Or is it better to go for a contrast and stand out?

The choice is yours and it depends on your mood. Some people pull off matching. For example, a deep brunette in shades of dark brown and chocolate shades would be great. Their hair all the way to their footwear can be matching and still look good.

Colors that Look Incredible on Blondes

There are many colors that really make blondes look their best. There are hues that offset the brightness of your hair and highlight your skin tone. We believe we can pull off whatever color makes us feel confident. But there are tried and proven hues guaranteed to have you feeling and looking your best!

Bold Color: Metallic

Inspired gold, metallics really grow on blondes. Because they pick up on the lighter and brighter tones in your hair.

For darker blondes, shimmering silver is great for a chic choice.

Classic Color: White

You may say white looks good on almost every hair color. But it stands out particularly well on blondes. It provides a different look or effect when worn on brunettes. But a white fabric on a blonde reminds me of a perfect day at the beach. Wind in your hair and sun on your skin.

Classic Color: White

Neutral: Nude

Many people with blonde hair shy away from nude hues. They fear the dreaded effect of looking washed out. Because the clothes, skin and hair all blend together. In contrast to popular opinion, nudes look good on blondes.

A nude dress will always be in style.

Pastel Color: Pink

A pale blush pink gives blondes a delicate quality it cannot give to those with other hair colors. Especially if your reach for flowy, romantic fabrics and shapes.

A bold pink dress would make you stand out if you have blonde hair.

Primary Color: Poppy Yellow

They say that blondes simply cannot wear yellow. Because it clashes with their hair. This might be true on certain yellows. But a bright and statement-making poppy looks fantastic on blondes. It picks up the golden tones in the hair. And adds a glow to their skin.

A pale-yellow hue looks amazing with bright blonde hair.
For ashy blonde hair, a rich goldenrod would look great.

Last modified: October 1, 2020